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Several days ago, I received an e-mail from someone with the internet name of uncheelskid who informed me of the fact that he had many UNC photographs on his site and invited me to use them on if I ever had a need for them. I responded to the e-mail and thanked the sender for his generous offer. I then received a second e-mail requesting that I include the sender's web site address in my links section. In the course of our e-mail exchanges, it was discovered that the designer and host of the web site in question is Pat McGovern. a 10 year old resident of Garden City, New York. I simply couldn't believe it at first but now that Pat and I have become somewhat acquainted, I do. I was so impressed with Pat's work on his site that I asked him several questions and then decided that he would be a good guest poster for this site.

I asked Pat how long he has had the site and he responded that he established the site approximately 1 month ago. He says in that period of time, he has received approximately 400 visits. I'd say he is doing pretty good but like most site operators, he wants to do better. I am hopeful that this article will help him in that regard.

I asked Pat several questions to serve as the structure for his guest posting and they are as follows:

Q- How did you become a Tar Heel fan?

A- I became a Tar Heel because my big cousin liked them and he showed me pictures and logos from them.

Q- How long have you been a Tar Heel fan?

A- I have been a Tar Heel fan for about 2 years.

Q- Have any of your relatives or friends attended UNC?

A- No, but I know my dad works with and is friends with Donny McCauley who played football for UNC.

Q- Have you ever visited Chapel Hill?

A- I haven't been to Chapel Hill but I want to go there for college.

Q- Have you ever seen the Tar Heels play in person?

A- No. I haven't see the Tar Heels play in person but I've watched a lot of games on TV. But, if the Tar Heels ever come to the Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum, or any other college near me, I am definitely going to see them play.

I'm sure Pat would appreciate it if you would visit his web site and especially if you would sign his Guest Book. You can tell from his comment there that he is disappointed that more people have not signed it. It would be a nice Tar Heel gesture if you would take the time to sign his Guest Book and welcome him to the UNC family.

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