Upon Reexamination of the Figures

I'm aware of the fact that probably not many of you pay attention to the counter at the bottom of the front page. In a previous article I wrote about how the viewer ship of this site was much greater than I had thought when my web master informed me that figures obtained through our server indicated that we had received around 30,000 more hits than our counter showed.

Well, it has happened again and it couldn't have come at a better time. I have been giving serious consideration to discontinuing the site because, based on the figures on the counter, the viewer ship had not increased as I feel it should have. My expectations were based on the assumption that the site held some interest for UNC fans and with the passage of time, the numbers should have increased more. I was beginning to question my assumption.

My web master has informed me that the server's records indicate the site has received approximately 26,500 visits since last September. That being the case, the current number on our counter has been moved to 94,500. I really don't understand why our counter does not show the actual traffic but my WM informs me that some rather expensive software is required if the counter is to show the same figures as the server's numbers. He has tried on numerous occasions to get me to switch to a computer but I have resisted. That way, I could check the serve's numbers as often as I would like to. I am reasonably happy with my web tv setup and being able to view the screen while in a prone position is just too much for me to give up. I am working on an arrangement which will enable me to update the figures weekly and I think I can live with that.

You may wonder why I'm making such a big deal out of the numbers. The only answer I can give is that I am conditioned by my career in the real world where performance and results are measured. There are two ways I can do that. One is by counting the number of people who visit the site and the other is by the number of people who sign the guest book. I have about given up on the guest book.

So it looks like you are stuck with me for another spell. As long as folks read what I write, I guess I'll keep on. It would, however, be nice to hear from more of you. Maybe it would get my mind off the mess in Chapel Hill and the much bigger mess in Iraq.

Note: Over 900 people have visited the site after being informed by Google that information about Laurie Dhue was on Ramfanatic.com. Thanks Laurie but why did you have to go and get engaged? :-)