UNC Alum Update

One of my hobbies is trying to keep up with UNC alums who assume positions of national prominence after they leave Chapel Hill. Sometimes, I pick this information up from publications issued by the General Alumni Association, newspapers, magazines, word of mouth and television.

Several days ago, I was viewing the Fox Network when a program was attempting to conduct a sampling of viewer sentiment on some issue that I can't even remember. A caller from North Carolina expressed himself on the issue and in passing, mentioned that his family would be busy this summer getting one family member ready to go to Wake Forest and the caller indicated he would be going to Chapel Hill. The host of the program, Laurie Dieu, immediately said, "That's where I went to school." She then made a second favorable remark about her time in Chapel Hill that I can't remember.

While Ms. Dieu may not have achieved star status yet, she is good and I think she has a bright future in broadcast journalism. Besides being good with the words, she's not bad to look at. Anybody know her when she was at UNC? I have to apologize for possibly not spelling her name correctly because they rarely show her name on the screen, but seems like I saw it as I have spelled it and they pronounce it "Dew."

Another TV personality who made a similar statement on one of his programs was Chris Matthews, host of the MSNBC program "Hardball." Matthews commented recently when a call came in from Chapel Hill, "That's where I went to grad school."

I see in this morning's newspaper where Jim Lampley is suing the manufacturer of his artificial hip for damages. He claims it has caused him extreme pain over a period of a year.

Stuart Scott and Peter Gammons continue their illustrious careers with ESPN but I have lost track of Deborah Potter who used to appear frequently on one of the major networks. Anybody know of her whereabouts? I think Marty Brennerman still does the Cincinnati Reds baseball games.

Not that you are interested but Brit Hume and Katie Couric are both UVA grads.

I have received an unconfirmed report that the Postmaster General is a Carolina grad.