Tom Davis, Where Are You?

Some time back in January of this year, an entry was made in the Guest Book section of this web site by a gentleman who identified himself as a UNC cheerleader in '57, the year we were undefeated and won the national championship. He made reference to some material he had e-mailed to me previously reflecting on his cheerleading experiences that year. I never received that material. He signed his entry, "Tom Davis, Chapel Hill, N.C."

I have attempted to contact Mr. Davis but all of my efforts, to date, have been unsuccessful. Several attempts to e-mail him at the address he included on his message have been returned as "unknown" and I have checked with the Chapel Hill telephone directory but there are numerous listings that could be him. I have tried several of these and may contact the others but it would make it much easier if he would contact me. I hope he continues to be a viewer and will get in touch with me because I think he could tell us an entertaining story or two.

So Tom, let us know where you are and how I can get in touch with you. You can either post another entry in the Guest Book section or you can e-mail me at