Time Out

A little departure from the usual routine this week. It's not just another week. This is the weekend we have all waited for since that season I have tried to banish from my memory ( 8-20 ). Since then, I have to admit, I have a new appreciation for UNC basketball, and it reminds me of a saying I heard somewhere along the way which goes like this. "You can't appreciate reaching the mountaintop until you have been in the valley." I will admit that I, along with many other Tar Heel fans had become spoiled over the years and took success as a birthright. It's not that way anymore. I appreciate every accomplishment and this weekend is for all the marbles.

So back to the departure from the weekly routine. I can feel excitement building and it will only get worse as game time on Saturday approaches. I'm in no condition to try to write anything that requires thought. So, I thought I would avoid trying to write about this weekend's games until the results have had a chance to sink in. Come next Saturday and Monday night, I will be either euphoric or in the throes of depression. Neither will enable me to write coherently until I have processed the results of the game(s).

Instead of writing on a particular subject, I thought I would share with you this week, information on Ramfanatic.com that you might find interesting.

Statistics are in for the month of March and it appears that traffic is continuing to increase. I have explained previously that the numbers on the counter at the bottom of page 1 never have been correct for reasons that unknown to me and my web master. For some reason, they are always low and we adjust them each month based on a confidential report provided to me by our server.

This report indicates we had a total of 4438 visits during the month. The largest number of visits for a single day was 188 and the average number of visits per day in March was 144 .
41 persons stayed on the site during March for over an hour in a single visit which is flattering unless they fell asleep at the keyboard or left the computer on while heading elsewhere. This helps me evaluate the interest level in the previous articles and archives section to some extent.

I still can't determine how many regular visitors we have and I now better than to ask that question and expect a response. I do know that visitors who come to the site from a search engine now approximate the number of regulars. The topics most searched through search engines are: Rashad McCants, Ralph Sampson, Laurie Dhue, Lennie Rosenbluth, The Dean Dome, Doug Clark (Hot Nuts), Randolph Scott, What It Was Was Football, Pre-game Music, High Energy Drinks and Krispy Kreme.

The most amazing aspect of the web site traffic analysis is the number of nations represented in the visitor count. In order of frequency, they are:

1. Japan
2. Canada
3. Romania
4. European Union
5. Australia
6. Great Britain
7. Germany
8. Slovak Republic
9. Russian Federation
13.South Korea
18.Czech Republic

25 visitors were listed from "Others"

I labor under no illusions that we are receiving visits from Tar Heel fans in these countries. The visitors are using search engines to identify articles of interest in subject matters of their choice. It works like this. There are robots that routinely survey the internet for key words. There are several robots that routinely survey Ramfanatic.com. Google is the name of one of these robots but there are several. One robot survey Ramfanatic.com over 1000 times during the month of March. If the robot discovers a key word in one of these surveys, it goes onto their list of topics. If someone anywhere in the world sees this topic on their list of subjects, they can click on it and review the material.

Ramfanatic is on many other web sites as a "link." I'm always flattered when we are listed and no permission is required for the site to be listed. I am aware of about 30 listings but there is no way to determine how many sites list us. A humorous listing is on a site in Great Britain that is dedicated to , of all things, high heels. I can only assume that a robot picked up Tar Heels and classified it with high heels. We are also listed on a site in England for the article I wrote about license plates (UNC Virginia License Plates). We are on one board where all of the other writing is in French and the same on another in Polish. We are listed on several gambling boards. Surprisingly, we get more traffic from the Duke Basketball Report than any other college web site.

So there you have it for this week. One short story before I go. I have a new next door neighbor and he really seems like a nice guy with a real interest in sports. In my first meeting with him, we really hit it off talking about UNC, Redskins, etc. He suggested that we watch the game Saturday night against MSU together and I had to explain that I watched UNC games with NO ONE including Mrs. Ramfanatic. I was afraid he would be offended but if he was, he didn't show it. He even jokingly told the story to two of his buddies later in my presence and they did not say anything. They just looked at me. I will explain later why I insist on being alone but I have a feeling that some of you do the same thing. Before you ask, let me say that I recognize the problem is me and not others. The simple explanation is that I don't want any distractions when I watch the Heels play. When others are around, there will be distractions.

Until next time.