Thoughts On A Rainy Sunday About Aye Zigga Zoomba

When I was employed at Duke in the late 60s and the student unrest was at it's peak, I heard a student say at one of the protest rallies, "Why is in that whatever is wrong with the world seems twice as bad on Sunday." I heard a lot of things in those days that I have chosen not to remember but there was something about those words that have never gone away. I have thought about them to the point that I believe they are true but I don't have an explanation as to why. I have just accepted it and tried to devise a formula for dealing with it.

It's a little easier to figure out in the world of college football because Sunday follows game day or at least it used to, so the reason for double gloom on Sunday after a loss is somewhat understandable I really haven't given much thought as to whether the opposite is true or not I don't know if what's right with the world is twice as good on Sunday or not. It might have something to do with whether your team won on Saturday or not.

Enough philosophizing. How did the zoomba Festival go? The answer depends on whether you are an optimist or not, hence the opening paragraph as a warm up. I could argue effectively that it was nothing like I had visualized it was going be due primarily to the weather or I think I can present a strong argument that it went pretty doggone well, all things considered. Of all of the contingencies I had tried to anticipate, I must confess I did not expect rain. We are in the midst of the most severe drought in recorded weather history and it seemed so unlikely that it would rain on game day that I gave it nary a thought. Everything was affected by the rain. The number of AZZ Chorus members, the crowd at Tar Heel Town, the Old Well Walk, the band, and the halftime ceremonies were adversely affected by the rain. I didn't have it in me to criticize the situation. The rain was more important and it was sorely needed.

On the other hand, I could say that 30 singers showed up with AZZ t-shirts, we have received good reports from several people who heard our rendition of AZZ on the radio, the band played and sang AZZ in front of Wilson Library, the Old Well Walk took place even though the location had to be changed and we almost pulled off what would have undoubtedly been the most dramatic comeback in UNC and maybe NCAA history. The stadium hot dogs were good and I met some new friendly Tar Heels. If you are an optimist you relate to the latter presentation and if you are a pessimist, you will prefer the former. The easy road will be the pessimistic one and the more difficult one will be the optimistic view. Some thought is being given to rescheduling the Zoomba Festival to the Texas game when there could even be semi-national TV exposure but we need to assess the interest level in doing this. Time will tell.

The day was a landmark in spite of the inclement weather. We did hear the band play and sing AZZ and some say they heard it played in Kenan. I don' know if it's my hearing or the sound system but I didn't hear it in Kenan and this is the second time this has happened. Maybe next year there will be a jumbotron sound system and I will have a hearing aid.

So I hope my report on game day activities has been a positive one. I enjoyed the day even though I was soaked at the end but it didn't interfere with me enjoying some good BBQ and live blue grass music. I plan to do the same thing at the Texas game. The waits from the end of one season to the beginning of the next are too long to let a little thing like losing the game interfere with enjoyment of the day.

See you on TV.