This Week Is Bound To Get Better

The week started off bad when my wife received a call Sunday from her nephew (web master) asking where the article was for this week. My wife knows nothing about my internet activities so she told him she had no idea. I was on a day trip Sunday and didn't return home until rather late in the day.

Mrs. Ramfanatic told me about the call she had received, but I was tired from traveling and decided not to investigate until Monday morning. I was puzzled about the call because I knew I had e-mailed the article to the web master on Saturday, and I had not gotten a message that the article was undelivered.

Monday morning, I quickly saw what the problem was. Somehow, when I addressed the e-mail which contained the article, I accidentally left one of the letters from the address. Since it didn't "bounce", I assumed it had been received but such was not the case. I quickly sent the article with the correct address and the article went up on Monday. I thought my problem with the web site was solved for this week, at least.

I went on another day trip yesterday to Chapel Hill, and when I returned, I found an e-mail message from a viewer waiting for me who asked if I knew the Carolina snowman picture I had written about had been discontinued. I did not know that it has been discontinued, and I immediately thanked him for calling the matter to my attention.

Now here is where the stress associated with the web site doesn't show. I have explained earlier that I try to stay ahead of the game by writing some articles that are not time specific and have them on file for use as needed. The article about the snowman painting was written several months ago and I failed to check Mr. Larsen's web site when I forwarded it to the web master for posting. Had I done so, I would have learned that, for reasons unknown to me, the UNC and the U of Michigan pictures have been discontinued. I assume it was because of insufficient sales but I have not confirmed this, and I'm not inclined to pursue the matter any further. I'm sorry I led some of you to think the painting was available when, in fact, it was not. I really think the pictures would have sold, but they were never marketed in such a way that Carolina people knew about them. Oh well, the picture I have is numbered and part of a limited edition, and now that the pictures have been discontinued, maybe the value of mine has just gone up. :-) I may try to photograph the picture and post it at a later date. My webmaster is reluctant to do this kind of thing, but I might be able to slip it by him. He admits that he doesn't read every article which hurt my ego tremendously, but getting a picture by him may take some doing. He is concerned about copyrights and I appreciate his looking out for my interests in that respect. We'll see.

Had a good trip to Chapel Hill yesterday. Spent most of the day just walking around the campus with a UNC grad friend from California who was returning to the campus for the first time since 1970. He was concerned that all the construction he had read about would somehow have changed the appearance of the quads. He was relieved when he found that the quads are the same as when he graduated in the mid sixties. I'll write about our trip later.

The October issue of Inside Carolina is out and I was pleased with the write up they had in the "Fan of the Month" section. At a later date I may reproduce it here for the benefit of those who may not have access to the magazine. I am very impressed with the quality of the magazine, and I was surprised to learn that it has been in existence for 11 years. Somehow I have managed to miss it, but I won't miss it in the future because I plan to subscribe. The October issue contains a good article on Albert Long, the only athlete in ACC history to have earned 12 varsity letters during his tenure in school. Mrs. Ramfanatic attended high school with Long at Durham High, and she enjoyed reading about him also. She commented that he looks today just like his father did when he was principal at the elementary school she attended.

Keep your fingers crossed for me for the rest of the week. I have decided to leave the article on the UNC painting up on the site even though the paintings apparently are not available. Maybe it will serve as a reminder to me that I should check things out at the time I post articles rather than assuming conditions continue the same as when I wrote about them. Pretty elementary when you think about it.