Sorry, But It Was Bound To Happen

Well, the much expected "screw up" finally occurred on the web site. It was amazing to me that it hadn't happened before now, but the truth of the matter is that we have been just lucky.

A little background is in order. I write my articles as I feel moved to do so. Sometimes, they are produced after I have done some research and sometimes they come as a result of a "moving." I just feel moved to write at a particular time. I try to keep a minimum of 3 or 4 articles on file at my web master's in case I don't feel moved to write an article for a period of time, and then I notify him which one I want posted on a given Sunday. No real logic behind which articles I choose for posting other than recency. Since most of my articles are not related to current events, sometimes, I just spin the wheel.

Last Friday, I notified my web master to post "Cold Mountain" for this past Sunday. I previously reported on how I usually don't see articles on my web TV screen until several days after they have been posted. The web master informs me that an article has been posted, and then I operate on absolute trust until the article appears on my screen. It is a weird feeling. I trust the web master, but I always feel relieved when the article appears and I know for sure that the article has been posted. Several times when the delay has been more than one day, I have called friends with computers and asked them to check the site to be sure the articles are up.

It is Thursday when I am writing this, and the article that was supposed to go up last Sunday still has not appeared on my screen. Strangely, the activity on the site has not decreased so I suspect people have continued to go to the site expecting a new article and found that was not the case. I have tried to contact the web master, but he has a job and I was not able to make a hookup until last night. I retire early so I haven't talked with the WM, but I did receive an e-mail this morning that says he forgot to post a link on the first page of the site and that he has now done so. What this means, I think, is that the article was posted but there was no way for viewers to know that the article was up and, more importantly, there was no way to access the article since there was no link to the article.

The web master is now at work and I can't talk to him until tonight so I don't know if the link has appeared on computer screens by now or not. It still hasn't appeared on my screen.

I'm sorry for the mix-up and I will do all that I can to avoid a repeat of this. I must keep in mind that my web master is enabling me to post free of charge and I must keep in mind that earning a livelihood has to be more important to him than posting my articles on a web site, which is just a hobby for me.

Hope you enjoy the article on Cold Mountain when it does appear. I have thoroughly enjoyed the movie, the book, the movie again and following it on the internet. It is going to be fun tracking the results of the awards to see how it is viewed by the experts. It's of some interest to learn how the world of experts regard the film, but I don't need their validation for me to have enjoyed my exposure to the story.