Sink or Swim Time

I knew it was going to happen eventually and last week it finally did. A poster on told me to stop posting announcements of articles there with the added admonishment that it was "getting old." The poster, uncjon, raised a legitimate point even though I don't think much of the manner in which he did it. Several posters castigated him and one even asked me "whatever you do, don't stop posting announcements of articles on this site."

Separate and apart from the manner of the complaining poster plus the fact that it was only one person speaking, it is a good time to reexamine the procedure I have used since the creation of to advertise new articles when they appear.

I have never felt completely comfortable with the "piggy back" method I have used to inform viewers when a new article was posted. Most of you know the history of how this site was created and those who do not can find out by reading the section at the left of the first page entitled "About This Site." The site was not created by design, at least not on my part, and it seemed like a good way to inform UNC sports fans about new articles when they had no other way of knowing except to click on the site to see if something new was up. I had just met Ben Sherman, the owner of, who was a student at the University of Richmond at the time, when I invited him to go with me to my newly found BBQ joint "The Hickory Notch Grill." At the time I met Ben I had no idea I would ever have a web site so it was not discussed at that time.

Subsequent to my nephew informing me that the site was up, I contacted Ben and asked if it would be all right to post announcements of new articles and he said it was all right with him but that he reserved the right to reconsider if I ever became a "big corporate website." I chuckled and thanked him for his generosity. At the time I had no way of knowing whether would last more than a couple of months but 19 months and 26,000 visits later it would appear the site has survived its infancy. Whether it becomes an adult remains to be seen.

Therefore, I have decided that I will no longer post on and The Tar when new articles go up. I will continue to post as an individual on these sites and there is absolutely no hard feelings towards these sites involved in my decision. I am appreciative of the fact that these two very popular UNC sites allowed me to use their facilities to publicize while we were learning to crawl. Like an infant though, there comes a time when one must move on to walking or accept the fact that they are not going to be able to walk. That time has come for I will make every effort to post a new article every Sunday but sometimes it may be a day early or a day late. I may go to twice a week once football season begins. My web master living in Raleigh and me residing in Richmond has added to the complexity of operating the site. He has a full time job and therefore does not have unlimited time he can spend on the site. In addition, I find that it has become increasingly difficult to write about the subjects I have tried to specialize in to make the site different from the others. There are just so many stories I can remember from the past and like antiques, no new stories can be created, they can only be remembered or discovered.

I have been asked several times why I don't write more about "controversial subjects." My answer has always been that generally I avoid controversial subjects because it is not my nature to be intentionally controversial and particularly when it comes to UNC. I try to find and remember things that unite Tar Heels and I would not be pleased if my writings contributed to a further split in the UNC fan base. We have enough of that as it is. I have strong feelings about some things at UNC and some of them are negative. I choose not to write about them with the exception of Aye Zigga Zoomba. This may change in the future but that is my position at the present.

So here we go. is going to be thrown into the water and hopefully it will be able to swim. If not, nature will be allowed to take its course.

Many thanks to "uncjon" for bringing the subject to a head. While I'm not sure I would want to have a beer with him, he did cause the matter to be reevaluated. Now he won't have to be bothered with announcements when a new article goes up. I don't know what he plans to do with all that spare time.