Shadows Are Lengthening

I can remember well years ago ole Ray Reeve, the UNC football game radio announcer, saying near the end of a game in Kenan, "The shadows are lengthening here in Kenan Stadium" and then whatever words were appropriate for the situation. I can't explain exactly why these words have stayed with me so long but every time I heard them on the radio, I could visualize the scene in Kenan Stadium or at least I thought I could.

Well, the other day as I was taking my daily walks around the track at the local middle school, I noticed that the shadows did seem to be lengthening and I thought back to the days when Ray Reeve would paint that word picture for us and the indelible impression it left on me. I guess common sense tells us that the shadows are going to lengthen as the sun goes down in the west but there is something about shadows in the fall that strike me as being different from shadows at other times of the year. It makes me wish I had taken a course in astronomy when I was at UNC. Maybe if I had, I would understand the shadows phenomenon better. It could have something to do with the changing position of the earth's axis and if I have time, maybe I will research it some day.

So why all this talk about shadows when most people's minds are on other things like the stock market, Iraq, the Middle East and the west Nile virus. Because for me, it is the symbolic end of summer which cannot come too early this year. It has been one of the hottest summers on record here in Richmond and I am not a fan of hot weather. Of course, it also signals that we are getting closer to football season which, after 56 years of getting hyped about the upcoming season, continues to excite me.

Right much has happened involving UNC this summer, some of which I could have done without. We got good publicity out of the Good Morning America show coming to the campus for the second time but less than totally favorable attention as a result of the freshmen reading requirement. We were told the budget situation is going to hit UNC hard and the jumbotron was postponed a year because of the appearance it might create in the eyes of those adversely affected by the budget crunch and the public in general. These considerations didn't seem to have the same effect on the people over at N.C. State based on reports I have seen concerning the expansion and additions to Carter-Finley.

Work has begun on the UNC campus on the approximately 1 billion dollars worth of construction and renovations projects scheduled for the next 8 years. If we old timers think there has been dramatic change in the last few years, wait until we see what is going to take place in the next few years. The science complex alone will cost $200,000,000.

So I guess all things considered, it has been a good summer but I'm ready to let it go. I became an author during the "dog days". Well not really, but I thought it would be fun to assemble all of the articles I have written since October of 2000 and put them into a book. When I counted them (179), I decided that maybe I should do it in several volumes. I went to Kinko's and asked if they could design a cover which they did and they also bound the volumes. I have two now and will have the third in the next few weeks. Now before you go and think that I have an inflated view of myself and my writings, let me say that I'm doing this as sort of a joke. I don't consider myself an author but it was fun pretending. I plan to produce only one copy of "The Ramblings Of RamFanatic" but if I register it with the Library Of Congress, I will have to figure out a way to produce a second copy. The L of C thing is also done somewhat in jest, but then again maybe it's my subconscious way of wanting to say for future generations that I was on this planet for a while. Don't worry, I'm not taking the whole thing too seriously.