The Search Is Over

This past week has not been just another week. I had eye surgery on Tuesday to remove the cataracts from my right eye and my recovery has not gone as I had expected. Several of my friends have had the same surgery and I had been led to believe that there was nothing to it. I should have known better. I was told that my normal sight would return to the eye operated on in a couple of hours but it was approximately 12 hours before any sight whatsoever returned. My eyelid was closed completely as if it had been sealed with super glue. Ever tried to watch a basketball game with only 1 eye? Now I know why Dick Vitale talks so much about non-basketball things during the games he does He doesn't see what is going on in the game because he has to live with only eye on a permanent basis. For you youngsters who might think this is boring stuff, I have news for you. If you live long enough, you will get cataracts. Nobody ever told me that as I was prepping for old age so it came as quite a surprise to me when I went for a normal eye examination to determine if I needed new eyeglasses and was informed that I had cataracts in both eyes.

Enough about me and my physical ailments. A lot has been going on with UNC basketball lately and the tempest just won't seem to die down. There was a brief lull after the two great wins over Duke and Maryland but it cranked back up around Wednesday of this week and it's going full steam now. I'm not going to attempt to discuss the coaching situation anymore until I get some credible information and that may be never. I don't know who will be our basketball coach next year but I promise the world one thing. I am not going to go through another year of unrest like I have experienced this year. How do I plan to do that you ask. By simply not being as involved as I have been until the situation is resolved. I may start playing the banjo again or I might find that I have renewed interest in coins or I might just spend more time with Leroy, the Tar Heel Terror. We'll see what the next few weeks bring.

I received an e-mail several days ago from some one with the cyber name of Bob Paxton who said he had located while searching the internet for information on Bill Currie. He mentioned that I had said in one of my articles that I was looking for a tape of one of BC's games and he informed me that he had a tape of the last UNC regular season game BC did. He furthermore said that he was willing to make a copy of the tape and send it to me if I wanted it. You can imagine what my response was.

I received the tape several days ago and I'm ashamed to say, due to my eye problems, I haven't had a chance to listen to it. That will change in the near future. I have talked to my web master about the tape and I have discovered I have a problem that was unanticipated. I thought he told me earlier that he could put the tape on the web site so viewers with the right sound equipment could listen to the tape. He admits that he did tell me that but what he didn't tell me, at the time, was that it would be a very expensive proposition. Not only would special equipment have to be purchased in order to put the tape on the web site, he now tells me that it would be very expensive if viewers came to the site and listened to the tape. Something about server time.

I haven't given up and I plan to do something even if I have to post the tape in print. Maybe not all of the tape but enough for readers to get the flavor of a game being broadcast by BC. Stay tuned.

I asked the person with the tape why he used the name Bob Paxton since I remember BP as a White Phantom player in the 40s. He replied that he is the son of Bob Paxton who passed away recently. I couldn't believe it. I remember as a kid going to games in old Frank Thompson gym at State College, crawling in through the window of the shower room and watching Bob Paxton play for the UNC White Phantoms. After the game, we would hang around and hope that some of the players would say something to us so we could talk about it the next day in school. I don't remember saying anything specific to Bob Paxton but I might have had a brief exchange with him. Small world. I remember when the recently departed Brian Morrison signed with UNC, he was referred to as the first UNC basketball player from the state of Washington. Wrong. Bob Paxton was originally from Spokane, Washington and I'm thinking he found his way to Chapel Hill through the Navy V-12 Program. I'm not sure about this and I plan to correspond further with young Bob Paxton. Bob Paxton's wife is still living and has helped us finally determine when UNC stopped using the nick name "White Phantoms." That, however, is another story for another time.