Ramfanatic Interviews Ramfanatic On Doherty Situation

Well the storm has hit and it doesn't look like it's gong to subside anytime soon. Rumors are flying around on who's lying, conspiracies, in competencies and every other aspect of the Doherty situation. Several people have asked me for my take on the situation but I find that the subject is so complex that in a matter of minutes conversations on the subject begins to ramble and, quite frankly, it's difficult to know what we are talking about.

Therefore, I have decided to interview myself about the Doherty situation. Maybe that way I can maintain control of things and, at least, articulate my understanding of events that have occurred in the past few days.

Ramfanatic Question- What do you think about the current basketball situation at UNC?

Ramfanatic Answer: To use an old southern expression, it's a mess. To use any other term wouldn't do the situation justice.

Ramfanatic Question- Do you think Matt Doherty should have been fired, excuse me, I meant to say forced to resign?

Ramfanatic Answer- Based on the information I have read in various publications and the few sources I have, I am of the opinion that Matt Doherty should not have been allowed to continue as UNC's Head basketball coach and I have felt this way for some time.

Ramfanatic Question-Why do you think Matt Doherty should not have been allowed to continue as UNC's Head basketball coach?

Ramfanatic Answer- There are acceptable ways to accomplish an end. In my opinion, MD did some things in the name of "motivating the players" that I am unwilling to accept. Some say that all coaches do these things and my response is that it's a new day and what may have been acceptable 10 years ago is not acceptable today. Some bemoan this new "lack of toughness" but I think the same things can be accomplished with updated methods.

Ramfanatic question- What exactly do you think MD did that so upset the UNC administration?

Ramfanatic answer- People keep referring to MD's hollering as the problem but I don't think that was the problem at all. Most, if not all, coaches holler. It was more the type of things that MD said. They went too far. All of us agree that a line exists somewhere that should not be crossed. Crossing the line goes beyond basketball or any other endeavor. Crossing the line goes to what we might call the soul of the person involved. To show how thin this line can be, let me use a fictitious example. Repeat FICTITIOUS. It is not crossing the line, in my opinion, to question whether a player has sufficient heart to perform at an acceptable level. It is crossing the line if the individual would be referred to as a coward.

Ramfanatic question- Why do you think MD engaged in this type of behavior?

Ramfanatic answer? I honestly think that Matt Doherty has such little control of his emotions that he doesn't realize what he is doing. He calls it motivation but if he hung around in some of the bars I frequented earlier in life, he would refer to it as a broken nose or worse.

Ramfanatic question- Did it bother you that MD cried on several occasions?

Ramfanatic answer- It didn't bother me the first time but I'll admit that it became old and, over time, it did begin to bother me. I think a head coach should have his emotions under control for the sake of the team and crying raises questions as to whether emotions are under control.

Ramfanatic question- Do you think there was a conspiracy to get rid of Matt Doherty?

Ramfanatic answer- I laughed at this the first time I heard it but now I'm not so sure but what there were some individuals who were so disturbed by his hiring and subsequent behavior that they actively sought to bring him down. Little things like the secretaries and here's one I heard last week for the first time. Apparently MD wouldn't allow his staff to go out of the office for lunch. I wouldn't believe this under normal circumstances but the source is someone who is credible.

Ramfanatic question? Did MD do anything that irritated you personally?

Ramfanatic answer: There were two things I didn't understand and have never seen any one else do. One of them did irritate me and that was his sideline behavior while play was going on. The first time I saw it on television, I honestly thought it looked like he was the 6th Tar Heel on the floor. I didn't like the constant shouting to the players while the game was in progress but may other coaches do it particularly those from the New York City area. I think this would be a distraction if I were trying to play the game and the coach was constantly shouting instructions from the sidelines. Of course, I wasn't a very good player and playing the game would have been enough of a challenge for me. The other thing was the "blue cards." I don't ever remember seeing a basketball coach use them before and they didn't irritate me, I just didn't understand the use of them and why we were the only team using them.

Ramfanatic question-What did you think of the Press Conference?

Ramfanatic answer- At first, I was pleased because my expectations of Dick Baddour are so low that I was relieved that he didn't fall off the stage. Later, I began to question the content of the press conference and finally, I questioned if there was a need for a press conference at all. I thought I watched the entire PC on ESPN but several people have mentioned to me how the basketball team looked. I don't remember seeing them but my friends tell me that they didn't make for a very good sight with baggy clothes and hats turned around backwards. I'm glad I didn't see it. Wonder if it ever occurred to them that their appearance might cause some to think they were the problem rather than MD.

Ramfanatic question- Do you think the image of UNC has suffered as a result of the Doherty resignation?

Ramfanatic answer- At first I thought the image did not suffer but now I am having second thoughts. Dick Baddour has become the symbol of administrative in competency and/or failure. The facts don't matter that much any more. He is expected to screw things up and I think after 36 years of state service, it is time for him to go. Chancellor Moeser seems to be pleased with him but I've got some advice for the Chancellor, If you like your job maybe you ought to explain to Dickie how wonderful retirement can be. He could spend more time with the family, do some consulting work, travel and a lot of other things others of us have learned to enjoy.

Ramfanatic question- If Baddour goes, who do you think should replace him?

Ramfanatic answer- For goodness sakes, let's don't get into a squabble over which internal candidate would be the best. I hear Kupec's name again and I don't know the current whereabouts of Charles Waddell. Both of these gentlemen are no doubt fine persons but I want a professional Athletic Director with major college experience put into the position. The name that strikes me as being the ideal replacement is Eric Hyman who is currently at TCU, I believe. A 32 million dollar business deserves a professional CEO, not another inexperienced UNC well connected person who will have to learn on the job. And besides, Hyman is a UNC grad. Enough said.

So there you have it. There are many more questions I could hurl at Ramfanatic but I think I detect an increasing irritability on his part. He won't say so but I think it has to do with his lack of confidence that the UNC brass will handle the search for a new coach as they should. He told me that if we screwed this one up, he was going for the Chancellor on his next mission.

I don't know why I remembered, at this time, something Grandpa Jones told me one night backstage at the Grand Ole Opry when I lived in Nashville. We asked him a question neither he nor anyone else could answer. He responded in a good old mountain twang that cannot be captured in print. "It's a F---ed up world, he said and I must admit that several times recently I have agreed with him regarding matters relating to UNC athletics. Hang in there folks. Things are going to get better.