Public Apology

Lest my budding journalistic career come to an abrupt ending, I would like to publicly apologize to what appears to be around 150 readers who viewed my misspelling of Chancellor Moeser's name in the "Another Controversy" article. I caught the mistake early on but not before it was seen by more than I would prefer.

If I were to behave in what appears to be the practice of the day, I would blame it on someone or something else, but that would be dishonest. The only person or thing that I can think of as candidates for this mischief is my keyboard. To blame my keyboard for something I did is ridiculous but, believe me, in my career I have seen individuals try to explain mistakes in such a fashion.

The truth of the matter is that I have no idea why I chose to put two "s" s in the Chancellor's name. I have typed it correctly many times before and I didn't realize I had misspelled it until I was proofreading it after it appeared on the site. Spellcheck didn't help very much help in this instance.

Upon reflecting upon my miscue, I thought of something one of my mentors told me early in my career. He said, "There is nothing wrong with admitting that you have made a mistake. You just can't make a living out of doing it."

I'll try to do better in the future.

Oh, I heard the title of a country song that some of you might enjoy. The title is as follows:

"The bridge is out, I can't swim and there she stands on the other shore." Couldn't have been a UNC grad because, as we all know, all UNC graduates since World War II can swim. But wait a minute, I know an individual who graduated from UNC since WW II and he can't swim and no cheating was involved. But that's another story.