On the Outside and Looking in: An outsider's perspective on the downfall of Coach Matt Doherty
Author: Brett-mikenss30
Excerpt from www.tarheelnation.com


I am not writing this article to divulge secretes and or stories relating to things that happened.  I am writing this article to talk about things on a larger scale that I have seen in my own words.   To me much of why the Matt Doherty era at UNC was a blip instead of an age and then some has to do with larger issues that manifested themselves in things that did or did not happen on the court during games.  When you strip all of the fancy jargon of this press conference away you are left with really only one thing: Matt, right now is not a basketball coach at the college level.  You can not order your coach like you order a sandwich, taking out the parts you don't like or adding parts you do like.  The only way to get the best coach sandwich you can is to order the most complete sandwich on the coaching menu.  Does that mean you hire the coach with the most wins, who is the most popular with the press, alumni and his current players?  Do you hire the guy who has the most years at a comparative level school or the guy with the most in depth published literature on the game?  Do you hire the guy with the most trips to final four or the guy who signs the most top 20 players annually?  Well yes and no to all of those actually.  The variables that go into each one of the those in regards to any one particular coach is many and highly varied.

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