Odds and Ends, Part5

Things seem to be going well with the basketball team and we should be undefeated when we meet the Deacons on December 20th. Just for fun, I checked with one of the prominent ticket brokers the other day to see what tickets for the Wake game were going for. I thought this would be a good barometer for measuring interest in the Carolina team this year, at least to "fat cats" who can afford tickets through this medium. In accordance with my belief that " nothing means anything until it's compared to something" let me say that the highest I have ever heard of tickets being sold outside the Smith Center was several years ago when both Duke and UNC were in the top five, they were going for $600 a piece. The broker informed me that the lowest priced ticket they have for the Wake game is $200 each and seats near mid court are going for $600 each. It will be interesting to see if the interest will wane when we suffer our first defeat. I am not saying we are going to lose to the Deacs.
Interesting occurrence in the UVA-Va. Tech basketball game the other night. I have never known what the guidelines are for technical fouls based on verbal utterances, but apparently it is a combination of what is said, how it is said and whether body language is involved. Todd Billet was hit with a technical for saying to the official "I'm not going to let him run over me." This came after Billet had been charged with a foul for the defense he was playing. The best idea might be to not talk with the official at all, especially when one is upset over something that has gone on in the game. Recently, I saw a player put his arms around an official which is certainly blurring the line between official and player. Touching should be a no no unless it is an accident, period.

It's worthy of note that the two top players in the UVA-Va. Tech, one from each school, are from the same town in Pennsylvania. Jones from Tech. and Schaub from UVA are both from Chester, Pa. The announcer did say something that I didn't catch about one of them being from West Chester but it still speaks very well for athletes from that community to have two such prominent individuals playing at the highest collegiate level. It's even more unbelievable that they would be playing in the same game so far from home. The world seems to shrink more and more with each passing day.

A small section appeared in the Richmond-Times Dispatch before the UVA-Va. Tech. game, entitled "Hear The One About" and contained jokes about the two schools. One hit my funny bone and I am passing it along with full anticipation that some ingenious Tar Heel will substitute the names of the Virginia schools with the names of UNC and the individual's most hated rival. Reminds me of when "Aggie" jokes were the rage.
Everybody had an "Aggie" joke they had modified to fit their needs. With modern communications being what they are, nothing stays local anymore if it holds any interest for people in other parts of the country and can be easily modified.

Here goes. "There was a first grade teacher who asked her class one day 'How many of you are Cavaliers?' Not really knowing what a Cavalier was and wanting to be like their teacher, the children's hands went up like a flash of fireworks. Except for one.

'Katlin.' the teacher asked, 'Why didn't you raise your hand?'

'Because,' Katlin said, 'I am not a cavalier.'

The teacher, quite perturbed, asked, 'Then what are you?'

"Why I'm a proud Hokie,' she replied.

The teacher, infuriated by this comment, said, 'What makes you a Hokie?'

'Well', Katlin said, 'My Mom is a Hokie and my dad is a Hokie, so that makes me a Hokie, too.'

'Well', said the teacher, 'What if your Mom was a moron and your Dad was a moron? What would that make you?'

'Then' she said with a smile, 'I'd be a Cavalier."

Has anybody, other than me, noticed the big white guy on Duke's basketball team who is the spitting image of Matt Christianson. Good Lord, weren't we saddled with having to look at that creep long enough?
Seemed like he was there forever and never did make a contribution to Duke basketball other than to continually shout "Let's go." He was lucky to have gotten off so light for the incident after the Indiana game where he accosted a game official for not calling a foul on Indiana which would have given Duke a chance to tie and possibly win the game.
I know people shouldn't be held accountable for the way they look, but I think if I had been this guy, I would have chosen another school. Of course, there are probably some people who view Christianson as a hero.
The same as with another Duke player by the name of Buckner. Isn't it odd that the players who seem to involve themselves in these kinds of incidents are often reserves and not the major players in the game involved.

I think the most frustrated I have ever been while watching a basketball game on TV was during the UNC-Illinois game when someone decided that we fans would rather see and hear John Swofford and Jim Dulany be interviewed rather than seeing what was transpiring on the floor. I'm sure there was a reason for doing it, but the interview was not all that informative and certainly was not very entertaining. I should have expected something like this, though, because it seems like every time I get a new TV, the first game on it is something less than pleasurable.
My first game on my first color set was a terrible loss to Maryland in the ACC Tournament in the early 70s. I have had my 54" wide screen TV for over a year waiting for High Definition but the ACC-Big 10 Challenge was the first game available after I got the new control box and expanded stations. I can't believe they left a new remote without saying a word to me about how to operate it. In fact, I spotted it on top of the TV after the installer had left the house and I thought he had mistakenly left it behind. I raced out to his van only to be told that the remote was for me to use. No instructions whatsoever. I have struggled with it for several days now and I have finally gotten to where I can access anything I want to but I have to use a total of four remotes to do so. In the process, I think I inadvertently clicked on the Playboy channel and I can't wait for Mrs. Ramfanatic to inquire as to what the hell a charge for pay-for-view is doing on our bill.
Honestly, I thought it was one of those free preview things I have seen on the movie channels, but I have reconciled myself to the fact that I'm going to have some serious explaining to do in the near future. Worst part is that I watched only about 5 minutes of the selection and I'm sure I am going to be charged for the entire thing. Other than the above, HD is pretty good. Now, all I need to do is get surround sound.
If I keep on, maybe I'll soon be in the 21st Century.
Sorry for so much material being about Virginia teams. I'll try to watch that in the future.