Odds and Ends, Part 4

An interesting thing happened last Sunday involving the Blue-White game. I don't know all the details, but a radio station in Shelby arranged for a computer hookup which enabled those with the proper equipment to hear the game. I assume it was Woody but I don't know. A UNC fan in FRANCE listened to the game and quickly posted developments to the Inside Carolina message board. Some abbreviating was necessary, but the fact that I could sit here in Richmond, Va. and get the results of the game with a minimal delay by way of France is mind boggling. One poster commented that his mind was boggled that someone in France could learn what was happening quicker than he could and he only lived several miles from the Smith Center. Fortunately we won't have to utilize this method during the regular season because I believe all of the games are scheduled to be televised with the exception of Coastal Carolina.


Rusty King in Durham has notified me that he also has one of the UNC whisky decanters that I have written about. This now makes 8 that we have identified. Rusty said he thinks maybe the UNC decanter was produced in limited quantities as a pilot for a proposed college series. This would explain somewhat why so many people have never seen or heard of it. I still think we should have a reunion of decanter owners.


How many of you have experienced situations where you thought a field goal or extra point try was good only to have the official rule it to be no good? It seems to me there is a simple solution. Why not put a net in the goal post that would catch the ball and eliminate any controversy about whether the goal is good or not? They already have nets to prevent the ball from going into the stands and there is a net to protect the new Jumbotron in Kenan Stadium. Another change which would simplify things would be to require the ball to be kicked into the net and do away with the imaginary lines that currently run up from the goal posts to infinity. Failure to do this causes me to think that somebody has concluded that ambiguity adds to the game. I had much rather have accuracy, but then again, I accept the fact that, in many ways, I am old fashioned. For those who worry about the net detracting from the beauty of the gridiron, the nets could be pulled up and down as needed like the pros currently do.


According to a story in the Richmond Times Dispatch this week, Virginia Tech has the 3rd fastest computer in the United States. The computer which was manufactured on campus and includes hundreds of regular computers can process over a trillion computations a second. Maybe we'll have to rethink some of the things we thought when we expressed concern about academics at VT at the time they were being considered for admission to the ACC. Speed of computers don't make you smart, but neither does the size of a library. It's what is done with these devices that counts. More on various things used to rate universities in a later article.


Jennings Culley, one of my favorite writers, wrote a fitting piece on Charlie Justice in the Richmond Times Dispatch several days ago. He pointed out that Virginia schools, in particular, suffered at the hands of Choo Choo, but he had many nice things to say about CC. I may run that article later.


Did you notice the individuals from North Carolina who appeared on CBS's 75th birthday celebration earlier this week. There were several others who are not natives but who have NC connections.

The ones I can remember are:

1. Michael Jordan

2. James Worthy

3. Charles Kuralt

4. Edward R. Murrow-born in NC and

always said he was a "Tar Heel"

5. Andy Griffith

Christian Laettner and Jim Valvano were

also mentioned.


In this week's rankings of college field hockey teams, UNC is ranked 4th in the country. Surprisingly, UNC is in 4th place in the ACC. Pretty good when the top 4 spots in the national rankings are all from the same conference. Might present a problem at performance evaluating time. If the situation holds up, can't you just hear Dick Baddour saying, "Well, you only came in 4th in the conference."