Odds and Ends, Part 3

Things have not settled down to normal yet on the coaching change but on second thought, I don't know how we would go about determining what normal is after the last six years. Mrs. RamFanatic still hasn't forgiven Roy Williams for his comment about North Carolina after the Final Four. I'm thinking of having a t-shirt made which will have emblazoned across the front and back "I DO GIVE A S--- ABOUT NORTH CAROLINA." You just know we are going to see many of the ones produced in Kansas which quotes RW's actual statement when we play other ACC teams next year. If I follow through with my plan and have the shirt produced, I will share a photograph of it with you.

I was visiting my Tar Heel buddy who operates a hair salon yesterday and we spent considerable time discussing the current basketball situation at UNC. We agreed that the opening home game next season is going to be one hot ticket and we are already making our plans to attend. While discussing the matter, I got philosophical and commented that RW was trying to make everybody happy by returning to Lawrence for the basketball banquet and that he was not going to be able to achieve his goal. Just as I finished making the statement, Perry Como came on over the sound system as if he had been cued up for his entrance and began singing "It's Impossible." Everyone in the place cracked up, even the older ladies.

I think the Krispy Kreme photo in front of the Old Well was a good move by RW and our Chancellor may have even gotten a pr bump from the photo. Chancellor Moeser could use a few more bumps to enhance his image and what better way to endear himself to North Carolinians than to demonstrate that he likes Krispy Kremes. I haven't heard where the Krispy Kremes came from but the nearest shop that I am familiar with is in Raleigh. That is unless they have opened one in Chapel Hill which was mentioned as a possibility several weeks ago. Maybe they were sent from Winston-Salem. The top dog at Krispy Kreme is a Carolina man and what better advertisement could you get for Carolina people than seeing RW and the Chancellor in front of the Old Well with a box full of Krispy Kremes. This rivals the publicity Krispy Kreme got when they went public and they set up the tent and passed out free doughnuts and coffee on Wall St. Sure glad I picked up a few shares of stock when they became available and even though the smart money people still haven't jumped on board, same store sales this year are up by 12% over last year. Me and my broker have a new relationship now that I understand a little about the stock market. I have informed him that I don't expect him to make recommendations on what to do with my hard earned money. I just want him to serve as a safety net and inform me if I am preparing to do something really stupid. Even he admits that some of my unconventional moves have paid off and he can't deny the fact that 4 of 5 brokers can't outperform the indexes.

Returning from the shopping mall yesterday where I did my daily walking due to the inclement weather, I saw a Virginia Tech Virginia license plate with the following letters on it "VPI-UNC". I don't know if it's an individual who attended both institutions or someone who has children who attended both schools. It was unusual though but, believe it or not, I have seen cars with both N.C. State and UNC decals on them. By the way, I don't think I ever mentioned the secret about my '66 Mustang. When I bought it in '69, it had an N.C. State decal on the rear window. It's a wonder I didn't get caught speeding on the way home because I was determined to get that thing off as soon as I possibly could. Reminds me of the time I bought my first van and it had a confederate decal on the bumper. You might not see anything wrong with that except, in addition to my other duties as Human Relations Director, I headed up the EEO function. Not exactly the kind of message you want to send to your new boss who was an African American female. I miss some things from work but other things I don't miss at all.

I went up to Cooter's Place recently but I missed seeing Cooter by 15 minutes. I will post some photographs in the near future.