Odds and Ends

Currie Tapes

I haven't forgotten the tapes but it is taking longer than I thought to be comfortable with the copyright considerations. Some have suggested that I go ahead and put the tapes on the site with the thought that any copyright complaint would only result in having to remove them. I want to be sure, however, that there is no risk of financial liability before proceeding further.

Humorous Analogy

I read one of the most humorous analogies to the UNC basketball situation I have seen on one of the message boards. A poster said that to blame Matt Doherty for our current players' woes would be like a child blaming their step father because they were ugly. Not a perfect analogy but food for thought.

Blood Sugar

In the total scheme of things, this may rank far down the list as far as you are concerned but not so for me. It would appear that I have the count under control but I won't know for sure until I see the Doctor sometime this week. Mrs. RamFanatic has swung into action with her testing kit she purchased and seems to be enjoying somewhat sticking me with the needle to draw blood. I trust her completely though, even if she was trained and worked for over 20 years as a medical technologist at the Duke University Medical Center. Leroy, the Tar Heel Terror, can't seem to figure out what is going on and I suspect he misses our bed time snacks as much as I do.

Site Traffic Target

After taking with several other site administrators regarding an evaluation of our site traffic to date, I have decided that we should set a target of 5000 visits by April 14th. The world won't come to an end if we don't make it but it is an attempt, on my part, to maintain the level of vitality we have enjoyed thus far. In addition, this would compare favorably with other start up sites that do not cover recruiting and have no message boards. My web master has suggested that we establish a message board but I just don't want to do it at the present time.

Food Section

I'm having good interaction with a viewer in Texas about country style steak. I couldn't believe it when I was at Bullock's recently and an adult friend of mine tasted country style steak for the first time. He was raised in North Carolina and I thought everybody in N.C. enjoyed CSS on a regular basis. My new Food Editor, Mrs. RamFanatic, has promised to put her recipe on the site in the near future. My friend asked me whether I would choose BBQ or CSS if I had to choose for a last meal. I told him I would choose CSS but I would try to keep it a secret from my friends and relatives in N.C. It wouldn't really matter much if it was my last meal, would it? We used to engage in an activty where each person I knew would be asked to list what they would choose for a last meal. The only restrictions were that no alcohol could be involved and you could not specify where or by whom the food would be prepared. I may write about my experiences at Central Prison in Raleigh at a later date. Before you ask, I was employed there and not a guest of the State of N.C.( see Bio ).

Aunt Sister's Seafood Market

During my day trip this past Wednesday, my friend and I ran across a recently opened restaurant near Gum Spring, Va. We love to discover places like this and this one was particularly enjoyable. It is operated by a young black lady and has been open for only two weeks. It is in an area that 20 years ago would have been considered rural but today is part of a rapidly expanding suburban area of Goochland Country, near Richmond. While the restaurant specializes in take out seafood, it also features daily home cooked specials. I had country style hamburgers while my friend ordered the barbecued ribs. Both were delicious. It was refreshing to see the enthusiasm of the owner as she explained to us what she was trying to do. She gave each of us a small sample cup of her home made soup which changes daily and it was delicious. Potato, the day we were there. Sure hope she makes it but it will be tough until she can develop her clientele. It's inspirational to see a young person tackle something like this. One good thing about youth is that frequently they are not intimidated by the pitfalls of an endeavor.

Until the next time.