North-South Comparisons

The previous article on Southernisms got so much attention that I think I will try something on the same subject again. This time instead of stating what every southerner knows, let's make some comparisons between the North and the South. For those true Yankees who might be among our viewers, let me assure you these comments on the North and the South are done with no malice. It's just that we southerners recognize that we are different from the rest of the country and we like it that way. As time goes by, it becomes increasingly difficult to retain our Southern identity and, in harmless ways, we are not trying to be like the rest of the country. Your patience is appreciated.

Here we go.

The North has sun dried toe-mah-toes, The South has 'mater samiches'.

The North has coffee houses, The South has waffle houses.

The North has cream of wheat, The South has grits.

The North has Indy races, The South has NASCAR.

The North has the Mafia, The South has the Klan.

The North has opera, The South has the Grand Ole Opry.

The people from the North want to tell you how they "do it up there," The people in the South don't care how they "do it up there."

The North has Wall St, The South has Bourbon St.

The North has bagels, The South has Krispy Kremes.

People from the North chop their words, People in the South chop cotton.

People in the North like Tennessee Williams, People in the South like Hank Williams.

People from the North don't know how to slow down, People from the South don't know how to speed up.

People in the North like ethnic music, People in the South like country music.

People in the North ignore people they don't know, People in the South try to make friends with people they don't know.

People from the North talk too fast, People from the South talk too slow.

People from the North look down on Southerners, People from the South look down on Northerners.

Quotation for the ages. "Can't we all just get along."