New Segment Added To

Those of you who are familiar with this site know that, from time to time, I like to write about things other than UNC sports. I try not to overdo it since I am aware that most viewers expect UNC related items when they visit and I want the site to retain it's original character for many reasons. One of the reasons is that if too much non-UNC material is included on the site, I will have to get new business cards. Bet you didn't know ole RamFanatic had business cards. "" is printed across the center in Carolina blue and underneath these words also in blue is "UNC Sports Site." I don't want to get too organized but it does make it a lot easier to give someone the site address with a card than fumbling for a pen and paper.

Back to the new segment. From time to time, I will share with viewers the origin of phrases and words that you might find of interest. I will attempt to make them, at least, sports related but I may even violate that rule occasionally.

The first one is sports related and one that baffled me for some time before I learned its origin. I have always heard the term "hat trick" used when a hockey player scores three goals in a single contest. Remember now, the segment is concerned with the origin rather than the meaning. In some instances, an explanation will be given for both such as "Pushing The Envelope."

Hat Trick- the term is defined above.

This term is originally from the sport of cricket c.1877. Taking three wickets on three bowls allegedly entitled the bowler to receive a hat from his club to commemorate his feat. By 1909 it was being used for other sports to mean simply an outstanding performance.