Neatest UNC Item Yet

In my lifetime, I have seen some pretty neat UNC items. Most of them have managed to find their way into my house and if any of you ever need a UNC cap, please let me know. I am a sucker for caps and no, it's not because I am losing my hair. I am fortunate to be 70 with a full head of hair, albeit white, or at least that's what my barber keeps telling me.

I have a UNC electric train that runs once a year at Christmas, UNC jackets, UNC items all over my van, a ton of sweat shirts and many other UNC items. I always look forward to the new fashion season to see what they have come up with to drain my pocketbook. Some of these items can get pretty expensive and I have tried to curtail my collecting in recent years.

I thought the neatest UNC item I had ever seen was the Rameses doll that plays "Here Comes Carolina" when you squeeze his wrist. It was in all the JC Penney stores last Christmas along with around 20 other school mascots. I bought one for $29.95 and after Christmas, I went back and bought one at a reduced price of $19.95. I had seriously considered and offering a lower figure for all they had remaining but my wife, who deals in collectibles told me to wait because the price would continue to come down until they cleared all the dolls out of the store. She usually knows what she is talking about because one year she waited them out on a Michael Jordan item and it was reduced from over $200 down to $9.95. I took her advice and kept checking.

One day I walked into Penneys and, to my dismay, found that all of the collegiate dolls were gone. I asked the sales lady where they were and she said they had sent them back. So much for my purchasing strategy.

This past summer, a friend of mine who is also a UNC fan, called me from Myrtle Beach where he was on vacation. He said that he had located the Rameses dolls in a store at Myrtle Beach. I asked how much they were and he said $19.95. I was still sulking from my ill fated plan to relieve Penney's of their stock and decided that I didn't want any more at that price

He called me again several weeks ago and said that he had found the Rameses dolls at a Dollar General store and wanted to know if I wanted any. I asked for the price and he said $5. I told him to buy all they had which he did but there were only 5 left. It's hard to see how the price could have dropped that low, particularly when it is such a neat item. I thought maybe Penney's would come back with them this year at Christmas but looks like that is unlikely to happen now. Subsequent to buying the $5 dolls, I have located the doll at Carolina Pride in Chapel Hill. The price there is $29.95 but you ought to check it out. When a VP of the Educational Foundation saw mine, he about flipped. I told him I would try to get him one and I have been successful in doing so, so it won't be long before the sounds of th Cheerleaders, the crowd and the Marching Tar Heels will be gracing the halls of the Educational Foundation.

Which leads me to the title of this article. I thought I had seen about every UNC item ever produced even if I didn't necessarily own each and every one. How wrong I was. As I walked through the parking lot last Saturday before the State game, I saw a lady with a small child in her arms who had on what looked like a UNC football helmet. I couldn't resist and went over and asked the lady where she got the helmet since I had never seen one before. She explained that it really wasn't a helmet even though it looks like one, but was rather a device they had made or had had made, I'm not sure which, for the child to correct a formation defect of his skull. I don't know who made the device but whoever did deserves kudos. It looked professional to me. I have since learned that it is not uncommon for a flat spot to develop on the head of a young child and this device corrects this situation while the skull is still able to be shaped. I had never seen one of the devices before so maybe I should start getting out of the house more.

So there is a new leader on the RamFanatic All-time Neat UNC Item Rating Board. I think it's going to stay there for quite a while if not forever.