My Lucky Day

Part 2

Part 1

I had heard for sometime there was a transit mix concrete truck in the Richmond area with the interlocking NC on one side of the mixing barrel and "North Carolina Tar Heels" on the other. I had confirmed this by going to a construction site where it had been spotted and talking with the personnel there. They informed me that the truck was from the Powhattan Redi-Mix Company in nearby Powhattan, Va. and it frequently visited their site. I telephoned the offices of PRM and verified that such a truck existed, but I never could make a hook up with the right people and consequently had never seen the truck myself.

I must be living right because today as I was pulling out of my subdivision, all depressed at the course of events since we routed Virginia Tech in the Gator Bowl and the courses followed by the two schools since that time, I spotted the quarry. There, big as day, was the Tar Heel truck pouring concrete for the foundation of a new home. I screeched on the brakes and went to the truck to determine how long he would be there and learned that I had a window of opportunity for approximately 20 minutes. Window of opportunity for what you say? I wanted to photograph the truck for inclusion in the "Carolina Stuff" section of this web site.

I raced home and got my handy disposable camera ( I've got to get a real camera someday ) and returned to where the truck was. The driver was most cooperative when I told him what I was doing and even rotated the barrel so I could photograph both sides. I don't imagine the construction people had the slightest idea what was happening but they didn't complain.

After leaving and completing my errand, I was about to re-enter the subdivision when I spotted the truck waiting for a stop light. I waved as I went by and he cut loose with a couple of blasts from his air horn. By this time, Virginia Tech was the last thing on my mind. For one short moment, the Tar Heels were king in one particular section of the Commonwealth's capital city.

Some of you who live in the Triangle area may think this is much ado about nothing, but those who live outside the Chapel Hill area know that something like this is a big deal. Those of us in Virginia hear so much that is negative about UNC that we revel when something like this comes along. We get excited over things like getting Virginia license plates with NC on them. You see, we are in enemy territory.

I will have the photographs developed soon and I will put them in the Carolina Stuff Section. By the way, there is bound to be some good Carolina Stuff out there that you folks could send photographs of to me so it can be shared with everyone else. Please, give it some thought.