More On UVA Pep Band

As a follow up to the article on the UVA Pep Band controversy, I am sharing a letter to the editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch printed on January 24th. The reader expresses the sentiment of many tax paying Virginians and is further evidence of thinking by some at both UVA and UNC. Additional out of state students accomplish two things. First, it elevates the academic ranking of the student body since only the best will be admitted and second, it provides more money in the University coffers since out of state students pay a higher tuition rate. It might surprise some to learn that UNC receives more applications for admission from out of state than it does from within the state of N.C.


Pep Band Symbolizes UVA's Decline

Editor, Times-Dispatch

The heinous actions of UVA's Pep Band in perpetuating outdated Appalachian stereotypes at the Continental Tire Bowl once again reflect the decline of our state's flagship university from a place of academic excellence that serves the needs of the Commonwealth to an increasing elitist and isolated institution that frowns upon the economic and social diversity of Virginia and the sub-region.

While I was at an admissions seminar in Charlottesville in the spring of 1994, an admissions officer responded to a question about regional quotas, "Unfortunately, we are frequently forced to take applicants from

Western and Southside Virginia that do not meet the rigorous standards of our institution....If it were up to me, we would take more students from the Maryland suburbs of D.C"

That quote says it all. UVA is moving from a school that proudly accepted a cross section of Virginians to one that caters to the private views of a Northern Virginia economic elite, ignoring the tremendous benefits of drawing in students from across the state and Virginia's Appalachian sub-regions. If these sentiments accurately reflect the views of university officials, they should move forward with proposed plans to privatize and stop forcing average Virginians to subsidize a pseudo-state university.

Will Jennings