Message From Oklahoma City

By the time you read this, hopefully, a chapter in the Oklahoma City bombing will be over. Only a chapter because the incident itself will live forever not only in the minds of those directly affected but with those who believe in justice. It's not an easy question to deal with and even Mrs. RamFanatic and I disagreed this morning while attempting to discuss it. We are in agreement that Timothy McVeigh should be executed but where we disagree is on the question of a stay for that execution. I'll be brief because this is not a political website and I would like to keep whatever friends I have made through the site. To discuss political matters endangers friendships.

My position is that since the federal government caused the problem by not turning over the required documents to the defense, the courts should allow sufficient time for these documents to be examined. I have no idea whether the documents contain any information which will be to TM's advantage or not but that is not the point. My concern is that other than a requirement for justice, the death penalty opponents will get excessive mileage out of this in attempting to abolish the death penalty. The next few months will provide the answer.

At any rate, I and the rest of the nation have been thinking a lot about the people of Oklahoma City recently. So it was with a great deal of surprise and pleasure that last Saturday, I received an e-mail from a viewer in Oklahoma City. Rather than discussing the McVeigh situation, the viewer's comments were on something more pleasant. Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Now I get a lot of kidding about my love for KKs. Some people think I am on their payroll while others have accused me of having a large amount of stock even when KK stock was not available to the public. Neither is true. I just happen to love the little devils and as I have said previously, there is a lot of nostalgia associated with food. No where could that be more true for me than with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

The viewer said that plans are being made for 6 KK shops to open in Oklahoma, 3 in the Oklahoma City area. In fact, one has already opened in O City, but the traffic around the shop has been such that the viewer has yet to taste his first one. The same thing happens each time a KK shop opens. I talked with a gentleman from Minnesota in the Richmond KK shop several weeks ago and he told me a story about spending the night in a hotel right across from a newly opened KK shop. He said the traffic went on all night. He also said that he had heard that KK was coming to Minnesota but, to date, they haven't done so. He was in Richmond for a softball tournament and I mean he was doing some serious consuming of KKs. I bet he took a few with him when he left too.

All this talk about KKs plus the fact that it is more difficult to write articles during the "off season" prompts me to suggest the following: Wouldn't it would be interesting if every viewer would make an entry in the "Guest Book" section of this site and provide the following information: location (city and state) and the distance to the nearest KK shop? Again, this information is not for KK, it is for us and I think it would be interesting to see where our viewers are. Check the Guest Book section and see the entry I have made. Your name is not important to the exercise but feel free to provide it and anything else you would like to say.

Don't let me down. Some of you have been most complimentary about the site, but I need some feedback to keep the board fresh and interesting. We have now gotten over 6500 visits since its beginning in Oct. and that certainly exceeds anything I visualized when we started.

Now, I think I'll go have a lemon creme filled Krispy Kreme .