Makes It All Worth While


The following appeared in the December issue of the Tar Heel Monthly.
I'm sure a lot of the viewers of this site belong to the Ram's Club and have read this letter, but I want to share it with those persons who might not receive Tar Heel Monthly. Ram's Club members won't mind reading it again because it's this kind of thing that makes our interest and participation in UNC athletics worth while. Jaclyn Holden of Santa Clara, Cal. is a sophomore softball player at UNC and is on scholarship. The letter was written to her scholarship donor.


A Message of Thanks

The last time that I wrote you, I was just beginning my freshman year.
At that time I remember feeling overwhelmed by the new environment, rigorous athletic schedule, and academic challenges with which I was faced. However, I also was presented with interesting people with whom I formed strong friendships, coaches and trainers who helped me develop my skills on the field, as well as wonderful professors who helped expand my knowledge and views of the world. Though it was sometimes scary, it was an exciting time.

As I begin my sophomore year, I am able to appreciate the year that has passed. I look on it with a bit of nostalgia, thinking back on myself---as well as my friends---as lost, anxious, naive, and young. Though we are only a year older, I feel as if we have gained a lifetime of experience and awareness.

Playing a rigorous 60 game schedule, I was able to travel from the tip of Florida to the California coast, playing teams from across the nation. In the classroom, I was able to study subjects from Southern History to Art History. As a result of advice from some great professors, I have set my sites on Law School---something I thought unachievable before going to Carolina.

Your donation has given me the ability and opportunity to achieve so much---for myself, my family, as well as for Carolina. In the classroom, I have been able to keep a 3.3 GPA and be included on the Honor Roll for two straight semesters. It has also given me the opportunity to set my sites on Law School. On the ball field I have been able to fulfill my dreams of becoming an All-American. As a result of your donation I was able to contribute to Carolina's "40-win season," breaking a few single season records and making the All-ACC team, All-Southeast and All-American teams. Your generous contribution has made so many dreams possible for me as well as my family who have been able to witness my success on and off the field.

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to be at a wonderful institution such as Carolina, be taught by world-renowned professors, play for an athletic department like Carolina's, and surround myself with people who will become lifelong friends. Your donation has given me the gift of knowledge and accomplishment.

Thank you.

God bless.

Jaclyn Holden