The above is a photograph of the original design for the UNC Virginia License Plate. It was disapproved by UNC on the grounds that the "University of North Carolina" can not be used for a single institution within the greater University of North Carolina which includes 16 colleges and universities. Needless to say, we did not want UNC-CH on the plates. See next photograph for the revised design of the plate.

The plate pictured above is the first UNC-Virginia license plate produced in April of '00. I was fortunate enough to visit the Powhatan Correctional Facility in Goochland County, just outside Richmond on the day the UNC plates were first produced. I was totally unaware that the staff had planned to produce the first plate for me. The operator of the stamping machine asked me what my wife's first name was and I thought he was getting kinda personal. When he set the stamping letters for Betty, old "dim wit" here finally figured out what was going on. The plate is a sample and cannot be used on a vehicle, but is a treasured addition to my collection of Carolina "stuff".