Laurie Dhue and Bill Currie Updates

Sometime back, I asked if anyone knew anything about Laurie Dhue on the Fox TV Network who identified herself as "having gone to school at UNC". Just like that we get a report from a viewer in Texas who says that she graduated from UNC in 1990 and that he knew her. She is originally from Atlanta and worked for CNN before she signed on with Fox.

Earlier I commented that "she isn't bad to look at" but upon further deliberation, I have concluded that I made a considerable understatement. She is very attractive and I think she is headed for bigger things. I might try and get a photograph of her so you can see for yourselves. On second thought, I might be able to take a photograph of her on my new super TV set.

At Woody Durham's suggestion, I have contacted Larry Keith, Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated and a UNC graduate, to see if he can help me get a copy of the article that appeared in SI in which BC was dubbed "Mouth of the South". I have heard numerous references made to the article written by Frank Deford but I have never actually seen the article. I am told that ole Bill is photographed in a coffin but I wouldn't expect anything less. Larry said he would fax the article to me. I haven't received the article yet but when I do, I will then try to secure permission from SI to reprint it on The office that grants copyright clearances is separate from LK's office. If I get the clearance, I will post the article along with the photograph onto the site. If I am unable to get copyright clearance, I will summarize the article and post it.

I have recently gained access to an audio tape of Jim Reid

and Bill Jackson's broadcast of the UNC-Kansas game in 1957. The tape is in remarkable condition and I plan to try and have it put on also. I have to meet with my web master to discuss the details but his time is scarce since he is currently constructing a home theatre complete with a commercial popcorn machine, snack bar, microwave and facilities for adult beverages. Mrs. RamFanatic and I have playfully committed to man the popcorn machine and serve as chief usher. Leroy , the Tar Heel Terror, is pouting because we haven't figured out a role for him but we're working on it. Someone has commented that this would be an ideal place to view a UNC game and I agree. Maybe we will try to talk him into inviting us there for a game when the construction is completed. He lives in North Raleigh.