Introduction Of Message Board

I recall vividly making a statement back when I was employed about a hire I was considering that "it would either be the smartest thing I had ever done or the dumbest." I regret to inform you it was the latter and I should have learned from that experience but apparently I have not. Beginning immediately, will have a message board and it may be one of the smartest things I have done lately or the dumbest.

My webmaster has been trying to talk me into establishing a message board for some time now but I have resisted. My  resistance has probably been based on the fact that things got so out of control on the old Tar Heel Talk that I swore I would never have any part in operating such an entity. There were things about Tar Heel Talk that I liked, however, and I miss them. If we are successful maybe some of the desirable features of THT will return.

We will begin with no rules. That may be a mistake, but I'd like to give it a try. Adoption of rules may be inevitable but at least when they are adopted, they will be based on actual experiences and not expectations of the worst from posters.

I have been told by my webmaster that I am the moderator. Reminds me of the old State College joke that says "Yesterday I couldn't spell engineer and today I are one." I think a moderator's duties involve trying to keep everything at a moderate level or as Webster says "one who prevents excesses." I think I can perform the duties of this newly bestowed position without stifling lively discussion of matters pertaining to the various subject matters listed. Miscellaneous is a pretty broad category and, at the moment, I can think of few things that would not fit into this category.

I plan to continue posting on the Tar Pit and when new articles go up. The people who run these two boards have been awfully nice to me and in no way do I want to do anything that would damage the relationship that exists between us. The new board is not a competitor of these two fine boards. Rather, there are times when a discussion of articles that appear on would be facilitated by the existence of a better forum for such discussions. I plan to be active in these discussions since interaction with viewers is the one area that has disappointed me about to this point. I think most would agree that less than 100 guest book signings out of approximately 23,5000 hits is an indication that some improvement is needed in this area. I acknowledge that the Guest Book section is not an ideal vehicle for interaction on the site.

Mechanically, the message board can be reached by scrolling down the topics on the left side of the home page until you reach "Message Board." Click on this and it will take you to the message board. It is not necessary to register if you are already registered for one of the EZBoard sites such as The Tar Pit or UNC Basketball from Inside Those who wish to register and are not registered with another EZBoard site should go to and follow the instructions there. This does NOT cost you anything. If you have trouble, email me at

So we'll see how it goes. An organizational truism is that you either move forward or you move backwards. It's impossible to stand still because external forces will force you into one of these two categories. I sure hope my decision to include a message board will reduce the possibility of external forces determining the future course of

Maybe a good way to initiate the board would be for you to tell me what you think of the message board idea. Wouldn't that be something if large numbers of viewers said they think it is a bad idea? We'll see.