In My Mind I'm Going To Carolina

(Carolina In My Mind)

I have some good news for those who love the above named song as I do. After months of trying to identify and contact the individual responsible for the pre-game music in the Smith Center, I have located and talked with him. I did this with the assistance of the Educational Foundation, not the Athletic Department who, more and more, are starting to irritate me in the way they respond to requests for information. I e-mailed AD Dick Baddour on two separate occasions and asked for the name of the individual who performs this function and I have yet to receive an acknowledgement of any kind to my emails. Finally, I called the EF office and they provided me with the name of Norwood Teague and I contacted him. Mr. Teague, a UNC grad. has been back at UNC for about a year and replaced Bob Savod as the individual in charge of promotions.

I explained to Mr. Teague that I was interested in pursuing the matter of "In My Mind" being played before games in the Smith Center as they used to be and asked him what would be required for this to take place. I didn't know if a petition, write-ins or something similar would be necessary to show that considerable fan support exists for the request I was making. He and I talked about it for several minutes before I realized that he thought I was asking that the pep band play the song. Then it occurred to me that Mr. Teague had never heard "In My Mind" played in the Smith Center" because he had been back at UNC only a year and it may not have been played before he left for employment at UVA and Arizona State. I explained that I was talking about the recording of the song by James Taylor and further explained that I felt other schools would kill to have a song such as IMM to use for their home games and that I didn't understand why the song was discontinued.

I had tried on one occasion previously to pursue this subject but I became so exasperated at the response I got that I decided to drop it. It kept eating at me, however, and this spring I decided to make a renewed effort to see if the song could be played at basketball games.

The unsuccessful effort ended with a Smith Center employee who was walking by as I was talking with a member of the Sports Information Office telling me that they DID play the song before games. It was all I could do to refrain from telling her what I thought because my traveling crew and I used to regard the playing of this song as the high point of our trip to Chapel Hill when we came down for games. We listened intently for several years but the song has not been played recently at games I have attended. Not only was the employee in question wrong, she exercised poor judgment in creating a situation where, in effect, she was saying I didn't know what I was talking about. Of course, neither she nor the Sports Information Office knew who was in charge of pre-game music and neither offered to try and find out. I vowed to remember this the next time I was asked for a contribution to the University but I've gotten over it. I may have gotten over it but I haven't forgotten it and I think the Athletic Department could use some training in customer relations. They are pretty much in the same situation as a business even though most of us don't think of ourselves as customers. They should strive to have every transaction completed successfully, if possible, and they should be in a mindset to assist people with whom they deal. This philosophy can only only originate from the top of an organization. It won't happen of its own accord.

Back to "In My Mind", I have been told that the women's soccer team plays the song on their own cassette player while warming up for their games. This illustrates how the song has been embraced by North Carolinians and UNC in particular due, in large part, to the UNC- James Taylor connection. If it's not your favorite song now, wait until you move out of state, then you'll understand.

The bottom line on the In My Mind" question is that Norwood Teague has informed me that he sees no reason why the song could not be played. He has promised to get back in touch with me next fall before basketball season starts and I have assured him I will be in touch with him.

Things are moving on Aye Zigga Zoomba and I may have news on that front in the near future.