Humorous Holiday Happenings

The holiday season has come and gone and I have a few reflections which set this year's celebrations apart from the 70 others I have experienced in my lifetime.

I received a Christmas e-mail that I still haven't figured out. It was, or at least it said it was, from Jeffrey Fuchs who is the leader of the UNC band. It was addressed simply "Happy Christmas."

The message required opening and immediately there was a problem since the one thing that web TV can't do is to download. I forwarded it to a friend who has a computer and he informed me that he couldn't open it either since it contained a virus. Among many other things pertaining to computers, I didn't understand this at first but he explained that his computer has anti-virus software and that it had identified the Christmas message from Mr. Fuchs as containing a virus and the software prevented him from opening it. I asked around to see if anyone else active in UNC commentaries had received a Christmas message from Mr. Fuchs, but I could not locate anyone.

I then e-mailed Mr. Fuchs and described the situation to him. I asked if he had sent me an e-mail and, if he had, what was contained in his message. I didn't share my thoughts with Mr. Fuchs but I suspected it might be a rendition of Aye Zigga Zoomba and, if this was the case, I was prepared to bury the hatchet and try to coexist with Mr. Fuchs on matters pertaining to UNC band music. If Mr. Fuchs sent the e-mail, he could have gotten my address from either an earlier e-mail I sent him in which I requested that he play AZZ at football games or he could have written through the web site. I cannot tell from which source this particular e-mail originated. There is always the possibility that some animosity exists between Mr. Fuchs and me but I don't know how he would know that. I have never expressed my negative thoughts about him to him but I will admit to having had some less than positive feelings about the position he originally took on the playing of AZZ. Of course, it could have been a prank.

I haven't heard back from Mr. Fuchs but they are in a break from classes so I don't know whether he has received my e-mail or not. I told him to ignore my e-mail if he had not sent it but I would think normal curiosity would cause him to respond even if he did not send the original e-mail. I'm at peace with the band for the moment since the pep band played a stirring rendition of "In My Mind I'm Going To Carolina" at the Kentucky basketball game. I had talked with Norwood Teague some time back about playing it again and he assured me it would be played. I prefer the James Taylor version for several reasons but I surely can't complain about the pep band's version.

Next time, I will have a few words about the UVA pep band and their behavior at the Continental Tire Bowl. This is not the first time they have embarrassed the University of Virginia and it baffles me how so many people think what they did was funny. I'm familiar with parody, satire and all that other stuff they taught me at UNC but there comes a time when something my parents taught me kicks in. It's called class and there wasn't much of that involved in the Charlotte episode. Of course, as I found out when I went into the military, not everybody was raised the same as I was. Don't know whether that is good or not but it sure does explain some things.

Looks like we've got another controversy brewing over whether organizations at UNC can receive funding from the University if they require that members subscribe to the same principals that exist for the organization as a whole. I haven't had much time to think about this one but it sure would be nice if we could get publicity in a less controversial manner. Did any of you see the "Washington Journal" PBS interview with Luciane Goldberg (Linda Tripp) the other day and the answer she gave to the question "Who do you think will be the Democratic nominee for President in 2004?" She replied, "John Edwards." When asked why, she replied "Because he looks so much like Laurie Dhue, think about it."

I have thought about it and I don't get it but isn't it ironic that both principals are UNC grads. If any of you "get it", I would appreciate it if you would e-mail me the explanation.