He's Back

Thought Tar Heels in Virginia might be interested in knowing that I recently contacted the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and suggested that they put the Virginia UNC plates on display in all of their field offices along with other specialty plates that are available. The current procedure is to allow the Field Managers to select which plates are put on display and there is limited space available for this purpose.

I pointed out that there are approximately 12,000 UNC alumni in Virginia and over 2600 in the metropolitan Richmond area alone. I also pointed out that many UNC fans are not aware of the fact that UNC plates are available based on the number of inquiries I receive. In addition, I pointed out that UNC has a large non-alumni following and this group of people may be interested in securing the UNC plates also.

I expected to receive a typical bureaucratic response ( no room, others wanting same treatment, etc) , but today I received word from the DMV that they are considering placing the UNC plates on display in all of their field offices. They may be just placating me but then again, maybe they're not.

I'll keep you posted on developments.