Happy Birthday

In a blatant exercise of self promotion, I am suggesting a nice present for viewers to give me for my 72 birthday which is on February 19th.
I've never asked for birthday presents before, but I have often read that older people can do things and get by them that would have been considered improper earlier in their lives.

Here's the deal. Since I am so sensitive to site traffic, why not give an extra click or two on Feb. 19th so we can break the all time single day visit record? The record is 155 which we have achieved on two separate occasions, but we ought to be able to top that. I mentioned to one of my friends what I was going to do and asked if he would make an extra click that day. His response was that he would make 5. I'll be satisfied with one extra, but he got me to thinking. What if others made multiple visits that day. The sky would be the limit.

Now we all know that I could easily rig this thing. I could sit here in my home in Richmond and click on ramfanatic.com all day, report the results and the world would never know the difference. But I would and the number would, of course, be meaningless. We've all gotten so skeptical that a high number on the 19th will probably cause some to think that I have done this very thing. A simpler way to achieve the desired result would be to lie. I promise you I won't. Whatever happens on the 19th will be for real even if it is embarrassing.

There will be no impassioned pleas to "make an old man happy", but if you see fit to participate in this activity, you can rest assured it will be appreciated. That's all I am going to say.