Evolution of A Tar Heel Fan

I have been giving a great deal of thought lately to devices I could use to prevent the site from becoming stale. The addition of ACC Man with his unique perspective on the ACC was an outgrowth of my thinking.

Well, get ready for another innovation. Beginning today, I will attempt to chronicle the evolution of "Little Corey" as he evolves into a full fledged Tar Heel fanatic. You see, Little Corey has only known about the Tar Heels for about two months, but I already see promise that he might eventually become as obsessed with the Heels as some of us. I think it will be fun to watch and report on this process as it takes place.

LC is 12 years old and is the grandson of one of my friends who frequently travels with me to Mecca ( Chapel Hill ) to see the Heels play. Up until the time he saw his first game on TV with his grandfather, he was obsessed with NASCAR but for several reasons, the interest in auto racing will probably now wane. LC has seen one game live in the Dean Dome but he probably got a distorted view of the way things are since we sat at mid court. I tried to explain to him that we didn't usually get such good seats but I don't believe he understood since he has never been up in the rafters with us. He'll learn, soon enough, how lucky we were at the UVA game.

LC doesn't talk much but he did announce to us during the return trip to Richmond that the reason Virginia didn't win the game was that they were "impatient." I thought that was pretty perceptive for a 12 year old even though he needs a little more game watching experience before making such a brash statement. I was a little disappointed when he responded to his mother's question about how he liked the game by saying " we sat way up high". He don't know nothing until he sits where we usually sit. His most memorable Carolina experience, to this point, is seeing on TV, UNC drop behind Duke early in the game. He immediately telephoned his grandfather and said, "Pa Pa, we're losing". Brother, has he got some experiences to look forward to, both good and bad.

Shortly after attending the UNC-UVA game, LC's teacher gave the class an assignment to write a theme on the subject "The Two Most Unlikely People To Fall In Love". I'm not sure I understand the assignment exactly, but one of the things you learn in the educational process is how to take what you've got and make something out of it.

LC's treatment of this subject matter is as follows:


This is an unlikely story about a basketball and a corkscrew. They were thrown into an old tool box and they didn't like each other. The tool box was crowded and they were always bored. One day they talked and decided to break out of the old tool box. The corkscrew picked the lock, this impressed the basketball very much and now the basketball liked the corkscrew. When they broke out they realized they were in the locker at UNC College. The basketball wanted to play ball, but he needed help. The corkscrew sprang him up to make the basket. The UNC basketball team needed help to beat DUKE, so the team asked the basketball to help. The basketball said "Yes, but you have to hire the corkscrew to be the head coach." The team agreed to this. The corkscrew was happy and told the basketball " I love you." The basketball said, " Do you want to be the coach?" The corkscrew said, " Yes, after being in a tool box, anything would be better." The basketball said, " I will help you practice ball at night. The corkscrew said, " I would like that, thank you very much." The basketball then said, " It's the least I can do, after all, you got us out of the tool box, I just hope we can win the basketball game with DUKE!" " I know you can do it, I have faith in you," said the corkscrew. The basketball then asked, " Will you come have pizza with us if we win?" The corkscrew answered " yes, let's go home and get some sleep so we will be ready for the DUKE game tomorrow." " That sounds like a good idea to me," said the basketball. Morning came, and the corkscrew was the first to wake up. Corkscrew said , " Hey basketball, wake up its morning!" The basketball woke up and said to corkscrew, " Thanks, I don't want to oversleep. Hey corkscrew, when I am playing, will you say a prayer for me?" Corkscrew said, " Yes, I will." The game ended and basketball said to corkscrew, "We won the game by one point! Boy, DUKE was so mad. I guess the prayer worked!" "Yes, it did work," said corkscrew.

The end.

Now, I'm not sure I understand the story completely either but that's not important. What's important is that he is thinking Carolina and he is starting to get into the Duke thing early. Can't wait to see what he will be later in life.

As far as understanding the story goes, I don't understand the All Tell commercial that everyone thinks is brilliant so maybe totally understanding something is not so important after all.

I'll keep you posted, from time to time, on Little Corey's evolution as a Tar Heel fan.