No one was more disappointed than I was upon learning that Bosley Allen will not be with the team when they take on Auburn in the Peach Bowl Monday night. While the details of his suspension have not been divulged and probably never will be, it would appear from information that has been made available that Allen was found to have violated a team rule. Other reports indicate the rule Allen violated was having a visitor in his room while the team prepares for the bowl game. If true, I don't know exactly how the rule is worded, whether it applies to members or both sexes or not, but it would appear that the coaching staff went to extra lengths to be sure there was no confusion about the rule. In spite of the tone that Coach Bunting has established for the football team, Allen saw fit to allow someone in his room. Therefore the action taken by Coach Bunting is exactly what I think he should have done even if it costs us the bowl game.

I'm fully aware of the fact that many individuals may think I am old fashioned in my value system , but that doesn't bother me a bit. What does bother me is that with each passing day, society collectively seems to be saying that these values are inappropriate. Situational ethics is a term used frequently today and while changing times may call for some rethinking of values, I'm afraid I view the use of this term as a cop out on doing the right thing.

One refreshing thing has come out of the Allen situation and that is that Tar Heels on one of the most active football message boards appear to be unanimous in agreeing with Coach Bunting's action. Anyone who follows Carolina football knows Allen could help us Monday night but something bigger is involved here. Not only is there a possibility this incident could be a significant emotional event in the life of Mr. Allen, it could serve as a catalyst for a change in his attitude towards authority and rules that govern his behavior. I don't know anything about Allen, whether he reacts negatively to being told what he can and can't do, but I do know one thing. He is going to be confronted with rules of some sort for the rest of his life and how he reacts to these rules may very well determine whether he has a successful life or not. I remember something I was told as a youngster and it has been useful to me as I have moved through life. He said, "Do anything you want to in this world, but be prepared to pay the price." He didn't say one would pay the price, he said be prepared to pay the price. I hope Bosley is prepared to pay the price.

It would be easy to rationalize the situation away and let Allen play. I'm confident that some coaches would have done that. We've had similar situations to occur in the ACC in recent years and players were allowed to play in bowl games. That doesn't make it right. How about the situation where Marshal wins a bowl game one day and the next day goes on probation. The irregularities occurred long before the bowl game but the penalty was postponed until the team performed in a bowl game.

In the long term, the decision by Coach Bunting will pay off handsomely. The team and those who will be joining the team now know that Coach Bunting is going to have a disciplined team. If a prospect doesn't like that, let him matriculate somewhere else.

One last thought. I wish I had a nickel for every time I have heard someone remark when faced with a bad personnel type situation, "How in the world did we get into this mess." The answer is simple. We let it get started.