The Club That Never Was

I remember a movie I saw back when I was at UNC that I have never been able to forget. It was entitled "The Man Who Never Was" and it was about how the body of a man who died of natural causes was used to confuse the Germans about where the European invasion would take place. I think the reason it has stayed with me so long has been the first scene where the man's body was washing ashore with a brief case handcuffed to him containing so called "secret" papers regarding the upcoming invasion. It was not the visual part of the movie that has stayed with me but the recitation that accompanied the scene. I have searched high and low for the lines being quoted, but to date I have not identified them. I'm pretty sure they were by Sir Walter Scott, but even that is not for sure.

Well now, we have the "Club That Never Was." I would ask for viewers to identify the gentleman on the pin in the attached photograph, but since I suspect a lot of "old timers" frequent this site, that would be too easy. The person on the pin is Bill Currie, the Mouth of the South" and the pin was distributed to, among others, a Doctor in Burlington who was nice enough to share it with us. He can't remember any details like exactly where he got it, but he does remember that the pin signified that the wearer was a member of a club that had planned club activities. The only problem was that Bill Currie left North Carolina shortly after the pins were issued, so there never really was a club. Maybe it could be considered as an advertisement that a Club was to be established.

I plan to try and contact BC in the near future to see if he can remember some of the details, but I thought in the meantime, you might like to see a photograph of the pin. Talking about a priceless piece of memorabilia and it is so connected with UNC whether it says so or not. It would really look nice in the Blue Heaven Museum but to the best of my knowledge, it no longer exists. The last I heard, the museum closed at the shopping center near I-40 and the owner was looking for a site nearer the heart of Chapel Hill. I don't imagine there are too many locations there that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

Maybe there are viewers who can shed some light on the pin and the proposed club. If so, it would be nice if they would share it with the rest of us. Information can be posted in the "Guest Book" section or it can be sent to me by e-mail. I will then put it up for everyone to see.