Carolina College Update

We're making some progress in researching the "mystery pin." I have talked with the Reference Librarian at Methodist College in Fayettevile and she has given me several leads to pursue.

All of the graduates of Carolina College are now deceased. The last living graduate passed on in 1994. There is, however, a group known as the "Carolina Girls" that still exists, composed of relatives of the graduates and I have the names and telephone numbers of two of them whom I plan to contact in the near future.

Unfortunately, there was not a pin identical or similar to the "mystery pin" in the Carolina College exhibit at Methodist College.

I have a telephone number for the Robeson County Library that might be able to provide additional information.

I was given the name of an individual who has done extensive research on Carolina College.

So, even though I am disappointed that the "mystery pin" does not appear to be a UNC item, I am thoroughly enjoying learning about Carolina College. I'm sure I will want to make a trip to the Fayetteville/Maxton area for some first hand discussions before this matter is put to rest.

I will keep you updated.