Calling All UNC Supporters In The Commonwealth Of Virginia

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles informs me that we are currently in second place for out-of-state Virginia license plates. This is remarkable progress because there were 15 other schools who had Virginia plates before we did. Penn State still leads but we are closing the gap. When our plates were authorized, Penn. "State already had over 1200 plates so we were approximately 850 behind at that time. The figures they provided me recently are that Penn. State still leads with 1732 but UNC now has 1329. We are now 403 behind Penn. State and we have reduced the gap by 50%.

We probably won't have another organized effort to advertise the UNC plates so word-of-mouth communication is what it is going to take for us to become number 1. I've never subscribed to the Vince Lombardi attitude towards winning but it sure would be nice to be number 1.

Consider purchasing the plates and, if you already have them, tell a UNC friend about them and encourage them to help us catch Penn. State. We can do it.

By the way, Maryland now has the UNC plates. We're everywhere.