Another UNC Decanter Located And Is For Sale

I have been notified that Deborah in Colorado has located another UNC Whiskey decanter and that she is willing to sell it. The decanter has the contents and tax stamps according to Deborah.

There is a photograph of the decanter (mine) in the article entitled "Unusual Carolina Collectible" located in the 2002 Archives.

I rarely recommend anything and I have no vested interest in this decanter, but I will say this. It is the most exquisite collectible of its type I have ever seen and I would think that a serious collector of Carolina memorabilia would welcome it into their collection. The most recent find is the 7th one I have been able to locate.

If you are interested, telephone me at 804-270-0638. I will give you Deborah's telephone number and some advice on how to approach the possible purchase of the decanter. The sales transaction will be strictly between the prospective buyer and Deborah, but I may be able to provide information that will be useful in negotiating with her.