Ramses Interview

In the near future, I plan to go out to that farm near Chapel Hill where Ramses lives and conduct an interview with him. I plan to explain to him that I will be asking a series of questions that can be answered yes and no and that one bleat is "yes" and two bleats are "no". If there is anything Ramses wants to say beyond "yes" and "no", he will have to help me develop a secondary method of communications. After the interview with Ramses, I plan to continue on to Hillsville, Virginia where he was born and interview his mother. I may even interview his father if he can be identified.. Hopefully, there will be photographs to document this magical moment in Tar Heel sports history. Please, don't anyone notify Ramses that I'm coming since I want the interview to be spontaneous. I will be sure to make arrangements in advance with his keepers lest I get a butt full of buckshot.