RamFanatic Appreciation Day

I had been posting on Tar Heel Talk for over a year when I decided it was time to evaluate my participation on that board and decide whether I wanted to continue posting there or not. This "hour of decision" was brought about by the fact that my posts never generated many comments and I thought maybe I had selected the wrong board for my UNC history oriented writings. For those of you who are not familiar with THT, it is what I would call the "wild west" of message boards. There is constant back and forth between UNC and Duke supporters with an occasional comment from one of  the other ABC fans. There is no moderator that I have been able to determine even though the operator of the board says he "looks in occasionally" and someone did once get banned. I have never been able to figure out how that happened.

So I had decided hat I would discontinue posting on the board, at least the lengthy posts that ere devoid of humor and smack. I had already started giving thought to how I would word my parting post when out of the blue. Mungo, the self appointed Mayor of THT declared October 9, 2000 as RamFanatic Appreciation Day. I have never been more surprised in my life and wondered what would take place on RAD. Well, what took place was that numerous posters on the board posted messages of appreciation and some of those messages follow:

"Thank you for bringing some light and humor to another desultory afternoon slaving for the man. RamFanatic, your posts are classic"


"We interrupt this exorcism long enough to say thanks to the Great RamFanatic for continuing to share those old war stories with us. I'm already looking forward to your next installment on Currie and Reeve tomorrow. Now I'm beginning to understand the appeal those old B-western and Sci-Fi serials had to my dad week after week as a kid. Those are still his favorite holiday gifts, though he knows the outcome of the chapters.

Achilles, the Heel

"RamFanatic, just visited your site and wanted to thank you for putting it up. It's right cool. I also just received my voter registration card in the mail and I can assure you I am going to write in you and Ben (Sherman-uncbasketball.com). I'm also going to write in Dave Chen for something, maybe Senator from Georgia.


"Bless you, sir"


"Thank you kind sir for pointing out that of so glaring omission. Perhaps it was a subconscious error caused by my conviction that Sir RamFanatic sits on a throne far, far above the fray that is THT (although every once and a while he gives those bloody loser-ass dookies a barb in the ass".

Mungo, the Mayor

"As you may have noted from our presence here at THT, I am in desperate need of competent minions. The latest effort from my midget clown "de" illustrates how needful of competence and imagination my ranks have become. I can offer you women, fast cars, fine living, perhaps a life extension. I realize the negative propaganda relative to deals with you may make you hesitate. But Mr. RamFanatic, let me at least send you a soul contract to look over. I would even suggest that you have a lawyer check the fine print. I can easily suggest a lawyer for you, as we have many at hand and many more on the souls-pending list".


"Let me add my "you da man".


"Let's hear some shout outs to RamFanatic today--he is our poet laureate, our wizened sage. The best recoverer of ancient lore and all that we love".


"RamFanatic, as a Tar Heel fan, and a history buff, you have easily become my favorite poster of serious stuff on THT. As much as I love THT, your Currie series deserves a greater stage. So I thank you, sir, for the echo of history that rolls with us into the future".


" I think RamFanatic Day is is a great idea".


"I have declared Monday, October 9th as RamFanatic Appreciation Day. However, it has come to my attention that some of our fellow citizens are too filled with hatred to participate in such a joyous undertaking. With this in mind, for any of you who can't let the love flow, I decree that Monday Oct. 9th  will be Zeke Martins vilification Day. Because he sucks.

Mungo, the Mayor

"On this the 3rd anniversary of Deano's retirement, I want to say hail, hearty RamFanatic. I know we have had our ups and downs, but your wish that we remain cyber friends is something I will always remember. Muchas gracias for that".


"My favorite line from the UNC fight song has always been the one about "tar heel dead", but in your case, I make an exception :-).A hearty thanks to you sir, from the other side of the fence for helping preserve the Tar Heel and ACC lore for the enjoyment of hoops fans today and in the future. I am sure that I am not the only one who thinks of you when they see a UNC license plate issued by the state of Virginia. Even a Dukie can see that you make a positive difference for your school and team, and we have to respect that.


"Here's to you on your day, RamFanatic. I celebrated by watching tapes of our march to the Final Four last year. It makes you appreciate how gut and the team sucked it up  once their backs were to the wall".

Big Heel

"All Hail, RamFanatic. EFL 111 tells me he'll be sending you a special gift very soon.


"Please don't leave! I lurked in this board for two years primarily because of your excellent UNC lore. I probably do not speak alone when I say your posts are what keeps me coming back here. I could give a rat's ass about the daily screaming matches and skewed stat-harping that goes on here. Your posts are what keeps us here.


"Nothing Like Old School. RamFanatic- -please, please, please, please, please NEVER consider leaving Tar Heel Talk. Your posts on Heel Hoops days gone by are priceless to those of us who were not around to witness them. And though I have been too lazy to e-mail you with an idea of mine, I hope General Sherman (aka "Ben") asks you to join forces with him, so your stories will have an even larger stage than THT, should you choose to share there". 

Achilles, the Heel

Just in case there is any doubt whatsoever, I can assure you that among the Tar Heels on this board, at least, your stories are very much appreciated. Many of us only know what our parents told us about the days before Phil Ford, and it is a great pleasure to read your first hand accounts. Not to mention the fact that any true Tar Heel, even if he happens to be a heel (which you sir, are not) and here's a threat. If you ever leave, we're going to have a RamFanatic Appreciation Month: If that doesn't work, we're coming to Virginia and we're bringing BBB.

Mungo, the Mayor

"Thanks again for sharing the Bill Currie series. As I was reading the toilet paper portion of your latest installment, I was hoping there was gonna be a line where BC told Fletcher where to stick those rolls he was attempting to bully him to sell".

Achilles, the Heel

Oh, and fellas if RamFanatic - - the esteemed Grand Poobah of TarHeelTalk - - cannot bring himself to refer to Coach Smith as simply "Dean", then I hereby motion that anyone doing so be banned immediately by Board Chairman Dave Chen. The Dean, the Legend etc. are acceptable substitutions. And to you "clever" dookies who insist upon calling the legend, "nose", you might want to check the size of rat's schnoz".

Achilles, the Heel

"THT has some unique features, for one, RamFanatic's stories I find interesting, and his timing of telling them, a perfect example of the good of the board".


"As the Bush-Gore debate (yawn) rambles on, I hereby nominate the ticket of the Great RamFanatic and General Sherman in 2000. Who could beat the dynamic duo of old school knowledge combined with new age cutting edge info and technology?".

Achilles, the Heel

"Boy, I'm real sorry I missed RamFanatic Appreciation Day.. I've decided to make up for the oversight, RamFanatic. I hope you don't mind if I borrowed one of your ideas and modified it a bit. It is being done to honor you, so I hope you find it O.K.. I am a resident of New York and I have designed two prototype N.Y. license plates which honor you. I hope to carry these forward with a petition (needing 10,000 signatures ) to the DMV later this year. Ultimately, the state will choose one, but they require a minimum of two design ideas. Both plates have in place of the legend "The Empire State" a substitute phrase "The Empire State thinks RamFanatic is really, really cool!! (needs work),

Design 1- a dashing silver haired RamFanatic holds a martini with one hand, the telephone in the other and has a look of enjoyment on his face. On the other side of the image is a man in a nursing home bed also holding a telephone. In small print under the image it says "RamFanatic and Bill Currie discuss pornography" My wife suggests this design needs work. 

Design 2-the same dashing RamFanatic sits between a computer and a poster of Dean Smith's first UNC basketball team. The legend says "RamFanatic, a Tar Heel man for the new millennium". Small photos of all the coeds you dated during your college year are packed together to surround the image of you .I'm partial to this one. I already have 2 signatures and I plan on standing in front of the grocery store for 3 hours again tomorrow. A kindly man wearing a turban signed signature #2 ( under my signature #1) and sold me a nice "rolecks" watch too".. 


Needless to say, after receiving these expressions of appreciation, I reconsidered my decision and decided to continue posting at Tar Heel talk as well as at this site.