It's All In The Numbers

When this web site was established, my web master cautioned me not to pay much attention to the counter that appears at the bottom of the page. I acknowledged what he said but I never had any intention of ignoring the numbers because it was one of the few measures I had to determine if the site enjoyed any degree of acceptance and, more importantly, whether the site grew with the passage of tine. Remember the old axiom of business, "You either move forward or you move backwards." There is no such thing as standing still.

Recently my web master informed me that he had obtained some figures from our server which indicate that the numbers that have been displayed below are not slightly inaccurate, they are grossly inaccurate. He has performed a detailed analysis of the visitors since the site was established and has come up with what I think is an accurate account of the traffic on the site since it began in October of 2000. You can see there is quite a difference.

I don't know enough about computers to know what the problem is with our counter but I have faith in my WM and I believe the figures he has provided are accurate. You see, in addition to being my WM, he is my nephew by marriage. I am married to his aunt who has kept a watchful eye over him since he was born. I don't think he wants her on his case.

I have to chuckle when I think about the days when I thought maybe the work I put into the site wasn't justified based on the numbers recorded. How about an increase of over 30,000 in one day. I used to get excited over 25 in a single day.

I know you are not as interested in the numbers as I am, but I did feel like I should provide an explanation for such as dramatic "bump" in the numbers. I can't swear that they are 100% accurate, but I can say they are more accurate than the numbers previously displayed and we will periodically update them to provide an indication of how we are doing. If nothing else, the numbers are essential to my psychological well being and my wife and dog are very interested in that aspect of the man they live with.