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I wish I knew the author's name of the following post so I could give him appropriate recognition. The article has appeared on several message boards, and even though it was written at a time when it appeared that Frank Beamer would become the head football coach at UNC, much of what is contained in the article continues to be accurate. I don't believe the author intended for me, a certified Tar Heel, to feel good after I read it, but that is exactly what happened. Anyone who lives in Virginia as I do will probably enjoy it more than others. For the record, I am proud to be a North Carolina Tar Heel and even prouder of being a UNC Tar Heel.




Subject: Virginia Tech Fan Writes New Mantra for ABC Club!!!

To all of the non-Heels in here, I give you a mantra penned by a bitter Virginia Tech fan. This should sum up all of your hatred quite nicely:

Its a sad, sad day for the state of Virginia. Tech alum and fans are obviously stunned and numb. Hoos, although a few "I-hate-Hokies-at- all-costs" fans are almost giddy at the thought of Beamer leaving tech, for the most part realize the implications of this startling move by our coach.

Beamer to UNC? Say it ain't so coach! Ugh.

I feel used.

I hope Beamer feels dirty.

And for the first time in a long time, I hope the Wahoo's beat the living sh%$ out of Beamer and UNC for the next 20 years! I hate Carolina more than UVA (I actually don't really hate UVA, just still trying to understand them - probably like finding out that the cousin you see every holiday season is really gay and has a live-in boy friend. But for the purposes of this post, I'll play the part, and hate UVA).

Carolina is easy to hate. Even for non-traditional rivals such as VT. They've got everything down there. Excellent academics, a great conference, a storied basketball program, wonderful quality of life, real barbecue (with vinegar sauces instead of that ketchup crap northerners put on!), an ability to make a crappy color such as baby blue the "de facto" in trendy teenage apparel amongst young athlete wanna-bees, and now football?

I wanna puke.

And yes Virginia, there is no Santa Claus after all.

You see, Beamer going to UNC goes far beyond loyalty and broken promises by a man absolutely adored by VT alum and fans, it goes to the heart of the problem;


Cases in point:

1) Which area consistently ranks among the "best places to live"? Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill. 2) Which state has been experiencing an employment boom while outside of Northern Virginia, we're still sliding into oblivion? North Carolina. 3) Whatever happened to all of those Richmond-based banks and brokerages? Bought out by North Carolina! 4) Which state has an NBA team? North Carolina. 5) Which state has an NFL team? North Carolina. 6) Hockey? You guessed it. North Carolina. (And they are about to win the slugfest for a MLB team while VA comes in second, or third again). 7) Which state boasts pound-for-pound, the best college basketball in the country? North Carolina. 8) What conference has a stranglehold on the mid-atlantic region? The ACC. 9) Which state boasts not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 of those teams? You guessed it, North Carolina. That's almost 50% of the league for pete's sake! And don't you think for a moment that UNC and the rest of that state have put that leverage to good use. More cases in point;

a) Where are the tourney's played? And where do you think those $ go from the events? You guessed it, right back into North Carolina's economy. b) Which schools CONSTANTLY USE OUR IN-STATE basketball talent to load up their programs? North Carolina schools (Sorry Wahoos, but if you couldn't get it done by now, you never will. How does it feel to play second fiddle to UNC and Duke in the recruiting process, IN YOUR OWN STATE?).

b) Expansion decisions can't get passed because of NC schools and their little club. In a move to systematically ensure their clout in ACC decision making, North Carolina schools make it a point to keep VT out of the league (don't want to give that state Virginia more power than we can afford now do we?). And Wahoos are giddy over this process. Unbelievable. Something about the forest, trees, and not being able to see the former in lieu of the latter.

What does ACC REALLY STAND FOR? All-Carolina-Conference. They've got the power, and the rest of the league's membership is so fragmented that schools like UVA, MD, GT or Clemson really don't stand a chance. Oh, each school will have their years where they're pretty good in hoops or football, but not for long. Never have, and never will. The NC school's make sure of that. They get the tv time, they get the kudos, they get the recruits. Bottom line.

And who's the ring leader? UNC.

Hiring Beamer away (by the way, the contract calls for his entire staff, along with trainers, etc. to go with them), hurts UVA almost as much as it does VT. VT will get a new coach, a good one too. But now, UVA doesn't only have to recruit against Beamer, they've got to do it while he's at UNC!

Everyone knows that 3/4 of the state's football talent lies in the Hampton Roads area. Guess which school is only 2 hours away from there? UNC. Guess who currently recruits that area better than anyone? Beamer and his staff. GUESS WHO IS ABOUT TO USE OUR OWN, HOMEGROWN TALENT AGAINST US ALL?!!! B-E-A-M-E-R!!!!!!

We as a state, have just been screwed. VT will almost certainly step down a few notches from their place in college football, UVA won't keep be able to keep up with the juggernaut that is about to hit the Virginia recruiting landscape, and once again, the state of Virginia watches as its southern neighbor takes control of something that is rightfully ours.



The guest for this post is Big Heel. A little biographical information on Big Heel. He is a '74 graduate of UNC and has been a Tar Heel fan for over 30 years. Incredibly, he currently has faculty appointments at both UNC and Duke. I will let you figure out where his primary allegiance rests.


The story begins in the mid-70s when dook had a hoops program every bit as horrible as the current football program. Indeed, the devils finished last or tied for last in the ACC in 1974,1975,1976, and 1977. During this time, you could not pay a dook student to attend a game in Cameron. In fact, dook basketball was so unpopular that rival fans could get ACC Tourney tickets simply by joining the dook boosters for about $20 per year. Anyway, a small group of dook students thought it would be fun to attend the dook games in Cameron and mock the dook team (not unlike a few years ago when the dook students stormed the field after the football team beat Army). These students became known as the "Cameron Crazies" and they came up with various witty put-downs at their team's expense. Of course, when Bill Foster turned the program around, the crazies jumped on the bandwagon and used their collective wit to mock their opponents, giving a new meaning to the term "fair weather fans".

Big Heel