Heels Versus Hoos

One of my more pleasant recent experiences has been making the acquaintance of Bill Hickman, former UNC asst. football coach and father of a good friend of mine, I wrote earlier about visiting Mr. Hickman in his home in Leesburg and the fun we had recalling previous teams, players and incidents from the old Southern Conference and then beginning in 1953, the ACC. Mr. Hickman is a couple of years older than me and his powers of retention are fully in tact, so I have had better sense than to get into any kind of nostalgia contest with him. I knew that when I asked him if he remembered 'Doc' Newton at N.C. State in the late 30's and he, without hesitation, started relating stories about the 'Doc.' I know when to fold 'em.

I did suggest a form of friendly competition between the two of us and after a couple of rules changes we have put together all-star teams from UNC and UVA. I had originally proposed that the teams be composed of players that he had met for UVA and players that I had met plus any players that I knew had visited my web site. It didn't take me long to realize that I had made a mistake and the rules were changed to include any player who had ever played for either school.

Now I don't expect any official winner to be declared in this competition but it might be interesting for you to see what we came up with. Keep in mind that we have had to make some position groupings and unintentionally, we may have favored the offense.

Here goes.

UVA                    UNC


Bill Dudley          Charlie Justice

Johnny Papit       Don McCauley

Frank Quayle      Ken Willard

Tab Gillette          Mike Voight



Tom Scott            Lawrence Taylor

Henry Jordan       Art Weiner

Joe Palumbo        Buddy Curry

Gene Shroeder     Ken Huff

Johnny Thomas     Robert Pratt

Ray Malavasi        C Handberger

'Big Top' Miller     Steve Maronic

Carlton Elliott        William Fuller

                             Irv Holdash

                             Paul Severin

                             George Barclay

                             Harris Barton


George Grimes        George Grimes

The above is not a mistake. While George Grimes does not rank in the top 10 all time punters in UNC history, I could not resist putting him on the team. Mr. Hickman had put him on the UVA team and I remembered we had a George Grimes who played for us in the early 40's. It turned out it was the same person and it just seemed fitting to have him on both teams. Grimes was UNC's leading punter in 1943 when he averaged

41.7 per punt after coming to Carolina in the Navy V-12 program. He previously played for UVA.

I'm sure some of you will question my selections and you may not be familiar with all of the names. You can rest assured those players who came before your time received appropriate accolades during their playing days. In doing the research for this article, I discovered that George Stirnweiss was a 2nd round draft choice in the NFL even though he is more noted for his career in baseball. He won the 1945 American League batting title.

Which brings us to the coach of each team. While this was not part of the original format, I feel like I know who Mr. Hickman's choice would be. Unfortunately, the individual he would choose passed away last week and I'm speaking of Art Guepe.

I'm really torn on whom to name as UNC's coach . It's between Carl Snavely and Jim Tatum so let's name them co-coaches. It wouldn't be the first time in UNC history that the team had co- coaches.

If these teams could play, where would I have them meet? I think my choice would be to demolish the buildings east of Bynum Hall and have them go at it on the field that was used for football prior to moving the games to old Emerson Field. I have a nice photograph of the field I obtained from the UNC Archivist and I will post it when I regain the ability to post photographs.

RamFanatic note: I am impressed with the team Mr. Hickman selected but I will admit I was a bit relieved when I saw that he had not included several Wahoo's who have caused me personal pain. Mr. Hickman has forgotten more about football than I have ever known but thank goodness, the following players are not on his team. Maybe my personal pain is not a good criterion to use for selection to UVA's team. If so, then Reece Whitley would have to be included and I'll bet not many of you can remember him or have never heard of him to begin with.

1. Don Majkowski

2. Bob Kawalokowski

3, Jim Bahtihar

4. Shawn Moore

5. Herman Moore

6. Terry Kirby

7. Jeff Lageman

8. Aaron Brooks

9. Anthony Poindexter

10. John Naponick