Before Kenan Stadium And Before Emerson Field

Thought you folks might like to see a photograph of the field that UNC used for football prior to moving to Emerson Field in 1916. The site is just east of Bynum and across the street from what was the Geography Building when I was in Chapel Hill. The photo was taken facing the west, so the east end of the Playmaker's Theatre ( what we called it ) is in full view. South Building can clearly be seen to the west of the PT.

It would appear that UNC played 60 games on this field unless there was another location where games were played of which I am unaware. The first game played at home by UNC was in 1889, the second year that football existed at UNC and was against Trinity (Duke). The first home win was against Wake Forest in that same year.

The record shows that no games were played in 1890 and there were no home games in 1892. Only 1 home game was played in 1893, 1900, 1901 and 1906. Generally, fewer games were played in the early years but there are exceptions. In 1914, UNC played 11 games, winning 10 of them.

Stands were erected at the location pictured above probably in 1884 and they were initially used for baseball. The original stands burned in 1909. In 1927 the games were moved from Emerson Field to Kenan Stadium referred to by some as BKS (Beautiful Kenan Stadium).