A Glimpse Into Vince Lombardi's Playbook 

I shared with you earlier a chronicle of the 1972 UNC football team as compiled by the coaching staff. We were indeed fortunate to be able to take such a detailed look at that fine team even if it was over 25 years later.

Now I have another real treat to share with you. The same source, Bill Hickman, asst. coach at UNC in the late 60's and early 70's, has loaned me a playbook of the Washington Redskins for the last year Vince Lombardi was the head coach. The playbook is a little different from the "chronicle" in that, with the exception of the first page, the playbook is all about plays, responsibilities and techniques associated with actually playing the game. It would take someone with a greater knowledge of the x's and o's of football than I have to appreciate the playbook to the maximum. 

There is an interesting story behind Mr. Hickman's acquisition of the playbook. As he was leaving JFK one night after a game, he noticed a door open to a room that he has never seen open before. He looked inside and found a gentleman from the cleaning crew preparing to destroy some paper items stored in the room. When Mr. Hickman out of curiosity asked him what he was doing, the man replied "They just told me to destroy the stuff in this room." The playbook I have borrowed was one of three rescued from the pile of material that was scheduled to be destroyed. I, for one, am glad Mr. Hickman decided to stick his head in that room that night and I'm also glad he had the curiosity to find out what the items were. The first page is interesting in that it contains the rules for the Washington Redskins pre-season training camp. I have often wondered what these rules were and now I know. At least I know what they were in 1972.

Here goes.

1. NO GAMBLING ALLOWED WHAT-SOEVER. (note: notice all caps)

2. All players are forbidden to be present in a cocktail lounge, bar or saloon during the training season or league season.

3. No drinking of alcoholic beverages allowed aboard common carriers used by the Redskins.

4. Players must wear coats and ties in hotel lobbies, public eating places, and on all public conveyances ( as in your player contract). 

5. We are guests of Dickinson College and we should respect all facilities as we would in anyone's home.

6. Players will attend all meetings, practice sessions, and meals on time as indicated. Meal times are 7:30, 12:00, 6:00.

7. Curfew: 11:00 p.m. unless otherwise indicated by head coach. Players will be in rooms, in bed, with lights out.

8. All players must have ankles taped or wrapped by trainers for every practice session.

9. All injuries will be reported to the trainer. Any treatment scheduled by trainer will be followed as scheduled. Permission must be obtained from the doctor or head coach to secure dental or medical advice other than our own.

10. Players will cooperate with trainer and equipment manager in proper care of equipment and maintaining a neat orderly training room and dressing room.

11. All prescriptions will be filled only at authorized pharmacies.

12. Players will keep a neat orderly play-book. The playbook is your Bible and will be brought to all meetings. Loss of a playbook will result in a fine.

13. Each player will have two pairs of shoes available. Club will purchase a pair for league games.

14. There are to be no pets or firearms in camp.

Vince Lombardi

Head Coach

RamFanatic note: There is no reference in the rules to drugs, knives, females, fireworks, pranks, and fighting. No set of rules can cover everything and it may be that some things are covered in the players' contracts (see rule 4 ). I plan to talk with Mr. Hickman in the near future and I will bring these subjects up.