Krispy Kreme Moment

I was pleased that my article on Krispy Kreme generated as much interest as it did and one viewer was kind enough to send along an account of an experience he recently had in Washington, D.C. I have known the contributor, Errol Somay, for several months now and even though he is unaware of it, one of his acts is on my all time list of Tar Heel Feats. After the Heels beat Tulsa last year to send them to the Final Four, Errol and his wife drove from Richmond to Chapel Hill just to greet the team when they returned. After a few moments of celebration, they immediately started the trek back to Richmond. Folks, this was on a Sunday night and work beckoned the following day. I think I will call that a Tar Heel Moment.

Errol's account of his KK experience is as follows:

I am Director of the Virginia newspaper project. Every state and trust territory has been funded to carry out this worthwhile project to preserve and catalog America's newspapers.

Every year, we have a conference at the Library of Congress. All the current participants meet to give progress reports, talk about new ideas and technologies, for example, creating world wide web based databases, digitizing vs. microfilming, new ideas for web site exhibits, etc. Reps from 21 states attended the last meeting.

I was sitting next to Bob, the Head Cataloger from the New York Newspaper Project. The project is located in Albany, N.Y. He took the train from Albany, to Washington, but he had a 30 minute stop in NYC.

I'm sitting there on the back row, there's about 70 people in the meeting room. He has his briefcase on his lap. He jabs me in the side, opens his briefcase. There was nothing in the briefcase, not one thing, except a box of Krispy Kreme donuts that fit perfectly in the briefcase. We marched through half the box before the sugar rush wore off and I started feeling woozy. It was a priceless moment because the box fit perfectly and Bob looked so professional in his suit and briefcase in hand. This man had his priorities in order.

Thought you would like to know


Errol Somay

Ramfanatic Comment: Yes Errol, I did want to know and after listening to your story, I think I will run to the KK shop and bring back a box of those jewels. Leroy (The Tar Heel Terror ) will anxiously await my return. He's still sulking after having to watch that little dog on the Taco Bell commercials for so long. I'm working on a KK commercial for him :-).