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Why, you might ask, is there a Food Section on a sports web site? I will try to answer that question but I strongly suspect those viewers over 50 and maybe even with a rural background will understand my explanation better than others.

In addition to having a strong commitment to the University of North Carolina, I have strong feelings for the state of N.C. as a whole. I have lived in three other states , Virginia, Tennessee and Florida and even though I liked a lot of the food I discovered in these locations, I found myself frequently thinking about the food I remembered growing up in North Carolina. I even starting thinking about food that I found distasteful when I was growing up and I subconsciously decided to explore native NC cooking. I have collected every cook book I could get my hands on that contained NC old time southern cooking. I now have close to a hundred cook books of all kinds, but the ones I like the best are the ones that feature NC cooking.

My original plan was to only list recipes for those traditional dishes that are close to disappearing from the culinary scene but I was reminded that many younger viewers may want to have some fancy dishes included which I respectfully refer to as "yuppie" food. I have not filtered out such ingredients as "table fat" because that's what was included in the original recipe, some of which came from individuals who have cooked this way all their lives. If by some chance you use the recipes and don't want to use these ingredients, use margarine or butter. In some instances, you will need something to achieve the right texture, in others , it won't matter.

At any rate, enjoy the recipes whether you use them or just read them. I've about decided that I enjoy talking and reading about food almost as much as I do preparing and consuming the products of the recipes. I'm also interested in the origin of food and recipes and will provide this information when I can. At least, you don't have to worry about calories, sugar, sodium, cholesterol, etc. when only reading or talking about food.