RamFanatic Bio  or   More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About RamFanatic

RamFanatic was born on Feb 19,1932 in Rocky Mount, NC also the birth place of Kay Kyser, Buck Williams and Phil Ford.

He tired of the scenery at the age of 6 months and took his family to Raleigh.

At the age of 4, he moved for a year to Woodville, NC in the Ahoskie-Aulander area of eastern North Carolina. He also took his family with him on this journey where he had found his father as job as foundryman at the Gay Harrington Manufacturing Co. Not completely happy in a village as small as Woodville, RamFanatic packed up and moved his family back to Raleigh where he remained until he entered East Carolina University in the fall of 1950. While at ECU, (3 months) he handled the publicity for the Department of Athletics and was paid with meal tickets which he quickly squandered away on his friends. In the fall of 1950, he entered the U.S. Air Force where he served in the Strategic Air Command (SAC) for four years with tours in Texas, Florida, England and French Morocco. Having learned in the Air Force how little he knew and faced with the responsibility of supporting a wife and child, RamFanatic decided to wipe the slate clean and begin anew at UNC. One of the best, if not the best decisions, he ever made in his entire life.

Upon graduation from UNC, RamFanatic was employed at Central Prison in Raleigh as Asst. Director of the Reception Center until he was employed on Jan. 1, 1960 as Asst. Director of Personnel at the University of Virginia. He remained there for 5 years and then moved on to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN., where he fell in love with the banjo. After two years, he accepted the position of Director of Personnel for the Duke University Medical Center where he remained for 4 years. In Feb. of 1971, he accepted the job of Director of Personnel for the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control for the Commonwealth of Virginia where he remained until retirement in Sept. of 1991.

RamFanatic has played the tenor banjo in various musical groups since "discovering" the instrument during his stay in Nashville. While at Duke, he played with a banjo group named the Executives and played at halftime at a Duke-State, State-Wake Forest and an NCAA playoff game between Davidson and St. Johns. which was nationally televised.

Another hobby of RamFanatic is antique advertising and collection of county store items. His living room is set up like a turn of the century rural county store and does not have a piece of furniture in it. He and his wife Betty Lou have had their collection of items featured in 3 books, 2 magazines and a full page feature in the Richmond News Leader.

Another resident of the RamFanatic household in Richmond, Virginia is Leroy, a red dachshund who is also a "fierce" Tar Heel fan.

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About this Site

I never aspired to having my own web site, but that didn't prevent me from getting one. A telephone call from a relative in Raleigh who works with computers, internet, web sites, etc. informing me that I now "had my own web site" came as a complete surprise since he and I had never discussed the possibility of establishing my own web site. The relative was aware of the fact that I had been posting on Tar Heel Talk for about a year, and correctly surmised that I was enjoying it. In addition, he also noticed that the response to my posts had been positive. In his mind, two plus two equaled four.


The initial response to the web site has exceeded my expectations. We have operated with certain handicaps by virtue of being a "static" web site, I refer to the site being static because we make no effort to follow the news of the day and we have no message board. Both of these features would insure a base following who would probably make frequent visits to the board for the latest developments. We have decided to try and carve out a much narrower niche among viewers by concentrating on sports events and personalities from the past and the examination of larger sports issue like officiating, the recruiting process, etc. Only time will tell if we are to succeed in this endeavor. We received close to 1000 visits in the first 18 days but the challenge will be to sustain this traffic over a period of time. We will be trying various methods to attract viewers back to the site. I have asked my webmaster if he can develop a method of spotlighting new entries on the site so viewers can tell immediately if additional material has been added since their last visit. We may go to a procedure which will have material added only at certain times of the week like Monday mornings. That way, viewers could expect additions since their last visit. Any ideas on how we can attract return viewers would be welcomed and can be communicated to me through the e-mail address on the front page.


We plan to continue the site as long as it is fun and there seems to be sufficient interest to justify the time and effort involved. The site is not a memorial to my ego. I've already had my 15 minutes at center stage and it was great. Hope you enjoy the site and will share your thoughts with me through the guest book.