The Plot Thickens

Haven't heard the words above in quite a while but it was my mother's favorite way to describe a situation that becomes more complex as time passes. It seems appropriate to describe matters pertaining to our current situation regarding Coach Doherty.

The euphoria associated with last Sunday's dramatic win over Duke didn't last very long for a lot of UNC fans. It seems as if a cloud has been hovering over the UNC basketball program ever since DES stepped down as Head Coach and it is exacting a toll on Tar Heel fans everywhere including me. For those of you who don't spend much time on the UNC message boards, you wouldn't believe the infighting that is taking place. It was the same with Coach Guthridge and for that matter even goes back to the Torbush days. I hate to say it but there has been one factor present in all of these situations and that is the role of the Athletic Director Dick Baddour. I have never met Mr. Baddour but I can honestly say that I don't remember anyone ever speaking well of him and the job he is doing as Athletic Director. I have heard a few people say they think he gets blamed for things that are not his fault but never any praise for anything he's done and never any expressions of confidence in his abilities. Even though there have been denials, most people feel he was selected for the AD position through the influence of DES and there is considerable resentment of the fact that UNC did not conduct an exhaustive national search for an established AD. The "family" thing is, for the most part, a good thing but there is a down side. Some of my friends even dare to call it incest. I don't know if I want to go that far but I do know from my career in Human Resource Administration that an organization can become stale by always promoting from within.

Dave Glenn's article has raised a furor and the atmosphere is not likely to settle down until the season ends and it becomes clear what course of action the UNC Administration will take. My principal concern, at the present, is the effect this turmoil will have on future recruiting. If I had a son who was a highly sought after basketball player, I would think twice before I would allow him to step into a situation as unstable as ours appears at the moment. Enough said.

I did have an exceptional day last Sunday. A friend and I left Richmond around 7:00 a.m., ate breakfast at my favorite place, The Home Place in Dinwiddie, Va. and continued on to Raleigh to check out a couple of things. We were determined to find Don Murray's BBQ (not the one on U.S. #1) and we were successful. There was only one problem. It isn't open on the weekends. We plan to take another trip to partake of what many BBQ lovers call some of the best BBQ in N.C.

We then sought out a McDonalds to get one of the Ramses bobble heads for our collection of Carolina stuff and I was delighted at how neat the item is. Maybe I will post a photograph so you can see that it is well worth the $5.95 we paid. I had been told that no purchase was necessary but when we got to the counter where they were displayed, the sign said "with purchase" so I bought a small Dr. Pepper in order to qualify. I bought two bobble heads and noticed on the register that the tax was $1.04 so I asked the clerk if that was correct and she said it was. When I got my receipt it was itemized as "take out tax." I had to wonder what that was since I have never knowingly paid this type of tax before. Maybe it's something associated with paying for the ESA building. Seems like I read somewhere that a motel/hotel lodging tax was applied in Raleigh to help pay for that structure.

The atmosphere at the game was great. The Chancellor interacted with the students in the risers before the game and he even autographed the cape of one female who was dressed in what looked like a Carolina Blue Superman (woman) outfit. Chancellor Moeser pretended to be leading the Carolina Pep Band in "In My Mind, I'm Going To Carolina" which the Pep Band does very well. I don't take all of the credit for this being played before the games in the Smith Center but I sure did my part by pestering the people in the Athletics Department to play it AGAIN. I feel confident they wish I would get a job so I wouldn't have so much free time.

The bus ride back to Franklin St. was more than pleasant and everybody was so friendly. It's amazing what winning will do for peoples' dispositions, mine included. Total strangers have no difficulty whatsoever talking to each other and everybody has a smile on their face. It's hard to believe the old saying voiced by losers that "It's only a game."

One block of East Franklin St. was blocked off and, in an attempt to be friendly, I said to one of the officers, "You're doing the right thing." I meant that if there were any chance that a big celebration would take place that blocking off the St. was a wise move. I thought I was being supportive of the decision the police had made The officer's response took me by surprise. He said to me, "It wasn't our decision." I don't know if he understood that I was trying to be supportive or not but I know I didn't know what he meant by his remark.

Hang in there folks. Better days are ahead regardless of what happens with the coaching situation.