The Pain Lingers For Some Heels

Several days ago, a viewer made the best entry yet in the Guest Book section of this web site. Since I assume that most of you do not read the Guest Book section on each visit, I would like to repost the entry here and make a few comments.

It's obvious from reading the post that the sender is still experiencing pain from the recent Matt Doherty episode. Even though I am not in agreement with the sentiments expressed regarding the treatment MD was afforded, I respect opposing opinions and I do allow for the fact that I may not be right on this issue. Regardless of who is right and who is wrong I do not enjoy seeing Tar Heels in pain and I long for the day when when the only pain we feel is when we don't win a particular game or contest. It all boils down to whether one believes what they have been told and I must say I do believe my sources are credible. On the assumption that the information I have received is correct, I believe it would have been negligent for the UNC administration NOT to have taken action. I think the players have received undue criticism for the role they have played and I wonder how many of us would have thought they would have done the right thing if they had just kept matters to themselves and transferred from UNC at the end of the season after it was too late to do anything about the situation. I believe there are things that will never be made public that would explain the action the UNC administration took.

I have been very critical of some of the recent actions taken by those in charge in Chapel Hill, but on this one, I feel they took the proper action. Whether they should have held a press conference, announced the "resignation" when they did and failing to take part of the blame for the situation themselves are all legitimate topics for debate.

The viewer's post is as follows:

I love your website. Being the die hard Carolina fan I am and having attended school there ( Chapel Hill '92 ), I loved it all. I know this has occurred more than a month ago, but I am still upset about coach Matt Doherty's "resignation." Three seasons is simply not enough to prove your coaching abilities. I felt as he did great things with the basketball program. Okay, yes, the 8-20 season was horrible. Every team and every coach will have an off season. Unfortunately, Coach Doherty's occurred early in his second year at his alma mater. I think that if anyone should have been forced to resign, it should be AD Dick Baddour. The man is a complete fool. He has really screwed up UNC athletics in my opinion. Carolina just doesn't know what they had in Doherty. Having met Doherty once, he was just the nicest, kindest person: a true gentleman ! He represented Carolina with dignity and respect. He was a wonderful person. I wish him only the best of luck in the future. If he continues to coach, I will root for his team as well as UNC ! I hope UNC does well next year. For all the times he displayed his anger, there was a time when he threw t-shirts in the student section at the Dean Dome or gave Dunkin' Doughnuts to the students waiting in the cold for tickets. I saw these things with my own eyes. He just seemed so caring and nice. I loved the fired up, intense attitude he brought with him on the court. I have no doubt Roy Williams will be an outstanding coach as well. I just wish Matt Doherty was still there. Coach Doherty will always have my support and respect. I will close for now. Thank you all for reading this and I hope you agree with me ! Yours in True Carolina Blue ! Alyson Smith.